Learn how the average student day looks very different at High Tech High than it does in traditional schools.
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Topic: How We Show What We Know

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Examine why assessment is one of the most interesting aspects of project based learning.

Assessment is one of the most interesting aspects of project based learning. Students working in a multidisciplinary education style logically answer the question of “what have you learned?” in a multi-faceted manner. To assess students within their learning environments, we use quite a few different models of engagement, and some we are even developing as we speak. In this email, you will see how students learn at High Tech High as well as how teachers bring student voice into the assessment process. You will look at exhibitions, digital portfolios, and student led comments that are crafted by both the instructor and the students in tandem.

“How We Show What We Know” Short Documentary

Click this link to go directly to a transcription for this video

Featured Materials

Below is a preview of some of the additional readings, videos, comics, and other resources to enhance your learning regarding this email’s topic. You can review these materials in full by going to the course landing page.


How Presentations of Learning Keep Us All Informed and Accountable
This reading introduces the concept of what a POL (presentation of learning) is, and how they can help to enhance a student’s learning.


Rhianne's Presentation Of Learning
This video is a recording of a Presentation of Learning that took place at High Tech High; it’s meant to serve as a model of what a proper POL looks like.


High Tech High Exhibition Night 2008 Pt 1
This video is from a 2008 exhibition at HIgh Tech Middle and High Tech High in 2008.


High Tech High Exhibition Night 2008 Pt 2
Here is another video covering a different exhibition that took place at High Tech High Exhibition.


High Tech High Chula Vista Festival Del Sol Night
This is a video that leads the viewer through the annual school-wide exhibition at High Tech High Chula Vista known as “Festival Del Sol.”


Student-Led Comments from A 10th Grade Class
This piece contains student comments from a 10th grade class, alongside their teacher’s reflections on their thoughts.


Elementary School Student Led Conference
This video shows Chauncy, a student from High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, conducting his own student led comment session.



Activity: Final Presentation of Learning



POLs (Presentations of Learning) are a cornerstone to the learning process at High Tech High, which is why we want you to go through the process of presenting your own learning.

In this final assignment we would like you to create either:
  • A 5-10 minute presentation of your learning from this course. Use visual aids of choice (Google Spreadsheet, Website creation, brochure, puppet show, etc.) to show the key aspects of your learning process.
  • OR
  • A written reflection of your learning that includes at least 3 visual aids. This written reflection should be as comprehensive as a video of 5-10 minutes in length.
Look back through the videos, assignments and readings from the course. Try to center your presentation of learning around the new information you have learned. Record yourself, on video, and upload the video to youtube. Feel free to use visual aids as a part of your presentation.

Some questions to consider while creating your assignment:
  • How can listening, and integrating, student feedback into your teaching practice enhance the educational process for your students?
  • What are some methods learned within this course you are thinking about implementing into your own teaching practice?

Feedback (Optional)

Once you’ve completed the above task, have yourself or a peer review the above work and answer these questions:
  • Was the final presentation of learning either 5-10 minutes in length or, in the case of a written reflection, the written equivalent of what you would expect in a 5-10 minute presentation?
  • Did the final presentation demonstrate learnings directly related to the course?
  • Was the final presentation easy to understand? (i.e. enunciation & sound quality)
  • Did the presenter use some form of visual aid during the presentation?
  • What did you learn from  reviewing the presentation?
  • Was there anything in the presentation that you would change or question?
If you are asking a peer to help grade your assignment, please ask them to read this section:

Please provide kind, specific, and helpful feedback for your peer's work. Your feedback is pivotal in the process of this learner bettering their ability to reflect and interview. If you graded the learner a "no" on any of the answers above, please be sure to explain why and if there are any suggestions you have for improvement for their next draft of the assignment (if they’re planning on doing another pass). Try and use the following sentence for feedback: "What I like about this piece of artwork is [insert what you like]."

Activity Models

Student Activity Models
If you need inspiration look at the student models provided within the document above to see how others completed this assignment.*

*This document is a zip file of multiple presentations. Keep in mind that this file is larger than most files in this course, and can only be viewed by downloading to your computer and opening it.

Next Steps

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