With the exhibition complete, use this time to reflect and celebrate with students before moving on.

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Topic: Post-Exhibition 

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With the exhibition complete, use this time to reflect and celebrate with students before moving on.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the exhibition’s outcome, make time for students to reflect on how they've grown and what they’ve learned. This creates an opportunity for students to see how they have transformed in the process of preparing for an exhibition.

Don’t forget that this time is also for celebrating the completion of a monumental task. Something as simple as a movie day, pizza party, a special guest, or even a day off from learning will tell students what they did is special and deserves reward. Take this time to reflect and analyze what did and didn’t work with your students, but be happy about whatever you were able to accomplish.

Activity 1: Look back at the questions you wrote down for the project reflection activity and reflect on your answers.

Activity Notes: 

Looking back at your project reflection questions, do you agree with your answers? Which answers feel accurate looking back, and which do you feel you got completely wrong? This is your time to reflect on what happened and prepare yourself for future exhibitions.

Activity 2: Create a reflection form that students can use to self-assess their growth and learning.

Activity Notes: 

Ask your students what they would have done differently and what they’ll take from this project and exhibition into the future? You may want to open critique and reflection up to a group discussion after students have time to fill out individual reflection forms. You may view a sample reflection form in the resources below.

Case Study

Charlie felt discouraged after their first exhibition. During the event, the students felt stressed out and insecure. One student even had to exit the exhibition and emailed the teacher later that they had a mild anxiety attack. Charlie had a very different picture in their head about how it was going to go, and afterwards, could only reflect on everything that went amiss. Nevertheless, after the exhibition, Charlie led the students in a few rounds of written reflections on different prompts and facilitated a whole class discussion about the evening.
During the share out, Charlie was impressed by the deep connections that students made between the social science content and the art piece they developed. Students shared authentic moments about the challenges they faced during the exhibition, and critical insights they developed about themselves as a result of facing those challenges. Charlie felt glad that they didn’t gloss over the exhibition and skip the reflection, because it was clear that this final step helped students make connections, and helped Charlie understand a bigger picture of how the event fit into the whole learning journey.


Below is a preview of some of the additional readings, videos, comics, and other resources to enhance your learning regarding this email’s topic. You can review these materials in full by going to the course landing page.


Sample SYL Student Exit Card
A model questionnaire students may fill out after they’ve completed the exhibition. Use this as a template to start thinking about what questions you can ask to encourage your students to reflect on their work once the exhibition is over.
  Sample Project Reflection Form
This is a sample reflection for students to be used after exhibition. It provides both a template that can be altered by a teacher for use, and sample questions that could be asked to students.

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