Hi <<First Name>>,

I know you’re like me.

You want to learn how to make decisions every day that will help you achieve your goals.

But when was the last time you stepped back and looked at what those goals are?

More specifically, why did you want to hire virtual assistants in the first place? What are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to:

  • Save time?
  • Make more money?
  • Get more freedom?

I want to share this simple exercise with you, so you can take the first step, like I did, to work out your WHY.

I do this exercise every few months. Any time I’m trying to work out whether to go down a certain path in business or if I find myself getting bogged down in all the little tasks and losing focus.

I sit down and nut out my WHY.  

This exercise is especially important when thinking about your strategy for hiring virtual assistants and leading them in the right way for your business.

Working out your WHY could be the most powerful exercise you do for yourself this month – actually, this year. It keeps you committed to your goals, even when life throws you a few curve balls (COVID-19 anyone?).

Click this link to download the WHY worksheet.

All you need to do is write what you want in the column that makes the most sense. 

For example:

“Spend more time with my partner” goes in the TIME column

“Send my kids to the best school” goes in the MONEY column

Then see which column(s) have the most items. You might find there's a clear weight towards TIME, in which case this will help you make decisions around how you lead your virtual assistant to get more time.

I’m going to let you in on a secret – this exercise I’m sharing with you right now is just one of the exercises in my new course: The Immutable Laws of Leading Virtual Staff. 

If you're already a client, I'll be sending you more details about the course soon - watch your inbox!

I’m really excited about this course and know you will be too, so watch out for when we launch it later this month.


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