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Hi <<First Name>>,

I live a privileged life.

You see, I spend my time on a beautiful 2-acre property that backs onto a meandering creek in a small country town where we can ski, mountain bike, trail run and generally have a peaceful existence.

The closest traffic light is 70min away.

I should be pretty happy, right???

What if I told you that happiness is:
  • 50% from your parents (genes)
  • 10% from your current situation
  • 40% from rituals and habits that we create for ourselves each day
There's a lot going on at VA Platinum headquarters, and 2020 has been full of terrible events from bushfires where I live (they got to within a few kilometres) to the worldwide spread of COVID-19. 

So 10% of my happiness is affected by business stress PLUS another 40% because my rituals and habits have changed due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

My habits and rituals have changed like friends visiting from the big smoke, going to the gym, sitting in my favourite coffee shop in the morning to plan my day and think about life and business.

Having a plan to combat adversity and retain happiness is common sense.  

The alternative is to treat your life like you're sitting in a raft without a paddle and you let the river take you down the rapids of life, bashing against rocks.

So, what am I doing?
  • I've joined the 5am club;
  • I meditate with the help of Headspace during the day and specific sessions inside Spotify at night;
  • I hired mindset coach, Ben Elliot; and 
  • Lastly, I listen to the team in the Philippines and get a deep understanding of what they are going through.

I'm far from perfect though.  

Frustration still seeps in from time to time, but it's not about being perfect, it's doing the best I can.

So, what are you doing?

Are you battling a raging river in your own raft, or have you put some strategies in place?  If you haven't, I hope you consider doing one or more of the above 4 items.

Okay, enough woo woo from me!  

Now onto a serious matter of how the team in Cebu are coping with COVID-19.


Restrictions have eased again in Cebu City for the period between July 16 to 31, however, like last time, there is no reason or evidence for the easing of restrictions.

New cases are still averaging around 100 per day, and that's just the ones we know about because testing in Cebu is not like it is in Australia.

The military presence is still visible all over Cebu to ensure that people stay in their homes. The use of passes is still strictly implemented when people leave their homes. 

We continue to conduct regular wellness check-ins to understand the staff situation. In addition, clients have asked what they can do, so this is what we've said:
  • Check-in with staff and see how they are coping and ask about their families;
  • Ask if there is anything that is worrying them that you or VA Platinum can help with;
  • Consider a food pack or a pizza lunch treat that can be organised through Barry ( 
If you want any more information, just reach out to either Ed ( or I.

All the best,
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