HART - refund / timetable updates and Contactless capping
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HART - refund / timetable updates and Contactless capping

In this edition:
  • Season ticket / other refunds
  • Anticipated timetable changes
  • TfL Contactless - capping introduced
  • Other news
  • Other issues
Season ticket / other refunds

If you have been thinking about claiming a season ticket refund, but have yet to do it, you need to make a decision within the next few days, in order to maximise any claim.

Currently season ticket claims can be backdated to when you stopped travelling or 17 March, whichever is later. It has now been announced that after Monday 11 May, claims can only be backdated for a rolling 56 days.

The only exception to this would be, if you were unable to travel prior to the 56 days due to illness - proof needed.

Unless you anticipate re-starting your regular commute very soon and have calculated that keeping your ticket offers better value, we recommend looking at the figures within the next few days - and bear in mind a lot of other people will be doing so too, so the system could get busy.

Meanwhile GN continue to update their advice page:

The GN season ticket refund calculator is now live, so you can see approximately how much to expect for ticket periods of over a month. We recommend taking a screenshot of what this is showing for your ticket / dates, when submitting your claim, so you have it for reference.

Other ticket types

Initially refunds were only being offered for pre-purchased singles and returns until the end of April - this has now been extended and the key thing for Advance Tickets (not sold for journeys solely on GN/TL) is when the ticket was purchased - as shown below:

The info is vaguer for full / part carnets, but we would recommend claiming before the expiry date - or definitely within 56 days of expiry, if they have already expired.

Whilst there is still a £10 admin charge for season ticket refunds, the fee has been waived for other ticket types.

How to get refunds for paper tickets and e-tickets

GN have revised their new online form for paper tickets and e-tickets. They are asking that passengers use this, rather than visiting a ticket office:

The improved GN system is set up to provide an email to confirm submission and request a reply attaching the photos of your ticket (as explained on the webpage - do read this carefully). You then get a further confirmation when the tickets are submitted. If they are not able to refund the money to the card or account from which the payment was made originally, you will be contacted to provide account details.

If you hit any problems or receive an amount significantly different to what was shown in the calculator, please let us know. Keep the ticket and the images safely, in case your claim is audited or you have any issues.

How long will it take to get the refund?

GN currently advise this may take up to 6 weeks - there is no point chasing them prior to this milestone, as it just slows up the process, particularly as they, like all companies, are impacted by lower available staff numbers and staff working from home.

However, if your claim reaches the 6 week point and you haven't heard anything, then it may be worth contacting them, despite what it says on the webpage. If doing this via Twitter, then make it clear that you have passed the 6 week point and only include any personal info in a DM, not a Tweet. Alternatively you can call them - using the contact form or email is not advised, as it builds in further delay.

Will there be further changes?

There may be further changes announced, so keep an eye on the relevant website pages:

We will aim to keep you updated for anything significant.

NB This is an update of the info provided in our previous newsletters, for those who purchased tickets from GN. If you purchased tickets elsewhere, you will need to check the position on the relevant retailer's website, but generally the position should be similar across the industry.
Anticipated timetable changes

It is looking likely that the number of rail services nationally and locally will be increased from the date of the May timetable change - 17 May, but this is yet to be officially confirmed by the DfT (who will set the strategy) and the Rail Delivery Group.

The current service locally is essentially
Sunday plus - a normal Sunday service, with a few additional trains, based around key shift patterns - especially in the early morning.

We are expecting that the revised service will be
Saturday plus - carrying over similar early additions, where needed. Locally this should provide a consistent faster 2tph Kings Cross service through the day, in addition to the slow 2tph Moorgates. There may be some minor tweaks from the current Saturday timetable, since it is likely to be based on the revised timetable, that had been due to be introduced from May.

Whilst work continues in the tunnels between Drayton Park and
Moorgate, we understand that the main track / point work is complete, and that evening and weekend trains are likely to revert to serving stations to/from Moorgate from the same date - but again there has not yet been an official confirmation of this.

Service levels will still be well down on the normal weekday service and it remains to be seen, when government decisions on workplaces will require a higher frequency to facilitate social distancing. It is also dependent on the staff available to train companies, NR and other relevant companies - so increased planned services may mean more short notice cancellations.

Also do be aware that service times are only being confirmed a few days ahead, and there may be engineering or unplanned changes even after that - so, if you do need to travel, keep an eye on journey planners.

As we advised last time, if you are a key worker and the timetable is not providing you with a train at a suitable time, then it is worth contacting GN / TL with details (including numbers involved), since they are continuing to fine-tune the current timetable.

GTR has worked with Siemens to enhance the use of the info, which already showed passengers how busy carriages are on the TL trains and the GN Moorgate trains. They can now
monitor carriage occupancy in real time, so they can see where passenger numbers are increasing and consider any possible mitigations.
TfL Contactless - capping introduced

When TfL Contactless was introduced here last November, there were no daily or weekly caps for journeys starting and ending in Hatfield.

TfL have now completed their software update and capping has been rolled out. Details are available from TfL at:

The pdf currently shows the prices below:
  • The weekly caps match the prices of weekly Travelcards Hatfield - London Zone 1-6.
  • The Daily Peak cap matches the Anytime Day Travelcard
  • The Daily Off-peak cap matches the Off-Peak Day Travelcard
We believe the Welham Green Peak figure should be £25.80 - not as shown.

There is no Contactless equivalent to the M-F or weekend Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards.

There are still no discounts for children, railcard holders etc.

This may be useful for some passengers making essential journeys, as it removes the need to use ticket machines / ticket office.

Other Contactless options

For anyone just using GN/TL trains, it is also worth looking at KeyGo.

Also E-tickets have yet to be rolled out at Hatfield, but they are available for some journeys from Welham Green / Brookmans Park.

Details of both these options are here:
Other news
Debbie was previously based at Hatfield.
717011 at Kings Cross last Thursday evening.

NB second and third Tweets have video available via the links.

Other issues

We will continue to work on a wide range of other issues - impacting trains, the station and information provision.

In the meantime, if you have an issue where you think we can assist, please let us know - by email or via Twitter.

Spread the Word

Please let other station users know of our existence and encourage them to join our mailing list and/or follow us on Twitter. We update the Twitter feed on our website with news items etc in between newsletters.

Do let us have details of any other issues and concerns and we will assist in raising them in an appropriate forum.

Help please! - in order to maximise our impact in matters effecting you, we need further volunteers - even a small amount of time would help e.g. info stands at the station, contributing to these newsletters, updating info on our website etc. You can contact us on

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