TfL Contactless arrives at Hatfield
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TfL Contactless launches officially tomorrow at Hatfield

What is being rolled out?

This is not a new way of paying for current tickets*, but an additional option based on the TfL contactless fare structure. We do not yet have full access to pricing info, but can give some pointers based on what we know so far, plus what has been rolled out elsewhere. It also launches tomorrow at WGC and Welham Green.

* tickets here stands for full the current pricing system - we will provide more info in our next newsletter eg comparisons with KeyGo, carnets etc.

No Oyster: This is Contactless only.

No daily or weekly cap: will hopefully be added in the spring, once TfL have upgraded their software.

How much is it?: the pricing is all based on single journeys and should be available tomorrow at Prices need checking separately in each direction.

Should I use it?

Weekends: TfL pricing does not have Super Off-Peak - most weekend journeys likely to remain better with existing tickets.

Adult fares only: No discounts for children / railcard users etc.

Journeys to / from Hatfield Rail Station are not included in caps: If going to London, then doing multiple journeys within London in a day, Travelcards are likely to remain the best option.

M-F peak hours: Commuters to London Terminals, who currently use season tickets, are generally best sticking with them (particularly if extra journeys are also sometimes made at weekends).

Into London Peak is touching in M-F 06:30-09:30 (or 16:00-19:00 for some journeys): Worth checking new pricing, if your train leaves Hatfield before 06:30 (particularly if you touch in to travel back before 16:00).

From London Peak is touching in M-F 06:30-09:30 or 16:00-19:00: current off-peak tickets mainly don't have an evening restriction, so may still be better.

Off-Peak single: we currently don't have a M-F Off-Peak single for many destinations, so anyone travelling one way only during the TfL Off-Peak on a particular day will probably find it cheaper with Contactless.

Once in London, travel is priced by zones: we believe this means you can go to far edge of zone 6 on TL (eg East Croydon) for same price as to London Terminals (or other zone 1 GN/TL station). There is a slight uplift if you switch to the tube, but worth checking the pricing, if your journey goes beyond London Terminals.

Having visitors?: London concessions such as Freedom Passes and Zip Oysters are not valid at Hatfield. And remember Oyster is not valid beyond Hadley Wood (edge of zone 6) or Potters Bar (on PAYG).

Delay Repay: You would remain eligible for GN/ TL Delay Repay, but would need to set up a TfL account to get access to your journey history in order to evidence a claim.

Charging issues: these would need to be raised with TfL rather than GN/TL - eg if you had an uncompleted journey -

What next?

Please send us any questions you have - our email address is

If you find popular journeys / times where Contactless is better, please let us know so we can share the info. Also let us know, if you find any apparent pricing anomalies so we can get them checked out.

Please do share this info with others - this newsletter will appear on our website and we will also Tweet a link to it.

We intend to issue a fuller newsletter next weekend, and are also hoping to have stalls at the station on Sat and Sun morning - to provide more info and to publicise the upcoming engineering disruption.


Spread the Word

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Do let us have details of any other issues and concerns and we will assist in raising them in an appropriate forum.

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