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The Monthly E-Newsletter of the Wisconsin River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Welcome to our Monthly E-Newsletter


Grab a favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy this month's Riffle. We hope to See you at Sconni's on Tuesday, November 15. for our monthly gathering. Come early at 6:00 pm for food and drink. It's a good time to get to know some of your chapter members and tell a few fish stories. The meeting and presentation begins at 7:00 pm.

Coming This Tuesday!
November 15
"A River Runs Through It: The Plover River"

Sconni's in Schofield

6:00 PM Food & Visiting
7:00 PM Program
Just 25 minutes East of Wausau flows a wonderful resource and fishery, the Plover River.

Our chapter has been responsible for working with the DNR to obtain easements and do stream restoration on over 20 miles of this Central Wisconsin jem.  For the past twelve years or more, our chapter has helped students from Wausau East and at one time, students from Edgar High Schools expand their biology, physics, and chemistry classrooms to include a day on the Plover.  This cooperative venture has been a wonderful opportunity for all involved.

Dave Coenen, a Wausau East biology teacher who coordinates this activity will be at our meeting along with some of his students.  They will be sharing the results of their work and letting us know some of their important findings about water quality and the health of the resource.

Al Hauber, a retired DNR Fisheries manager and TU Board member will share some of the history of the Plover along with the work that has been done to enhance the fishery.  

We even have a few of us willing to give up a few "secrets" about where, when, and how to fish the Plover effectively.

Come and join us for a fun and informative evening! (and door prizes)

An Informative October Meeting

Thank you for all who attended and presented at our last monthly chapter meeting.

Our own Henry Kanemoto presented an in depth study of fly tying and the materials used. Some of our fly tyers were on hand to show tips and techniques.  All of us came away with something new.  

Check out Henry's suggestions for Sabre and Allen fly hooks. Even this one tip would made coming to the meeting profitable. Of course the conversations and fish stories that filled the evening didn't hurt either.

A Way to Pass the Winter?

How about some old fashioned "Flies and Lies?"


Now that's a hot fly!!!

How does getting together to tie flies, tell tall fishing tales (lies), grab some food, and have a beverage or two sound?

Since our chapter covers four counties, let us know the town that you would like to meet. the day of the week, and if you know of an establishment that might be available.  We will help make the arrangements and publicize it. It would be good to have multiple dates and locations.

It would be a great way to restock the fly boxes, learn a few new patterns, and possibly tie enough to donate to Project Healing Waters.

If you are interested shoot us an email at

No Chapter Meeting in December

There will be no chapter meeting in the month of December due to the close proximity to Christmas. Enjoy time with family and friends and we hope Santa has that certain rod or reel under the tree for you this year.

Put Tuesday, January 17, 2017 on your calendar.  That is our next TU chapter meeting and program.

Fly of the Month "Beadhead Turkey Tail"

Jim Misiura
"Turkey tail is an overlooked material. It is very versatile, giving your flies a little more than what pheasant tail provides."
Hey, it's only a few days away from Thanksgiving.  What else but a fly that uses the feathers from the bird that didn't get pardoned.  

This is a great fly which is much like the popular bead head pheasant tail but with just enough pizzazz to make a difference. It could make the difference from having a slow day on the stream to a day filled with "thanks" giving.  

Click on the image to see Jim's excellent video. 

"A Dish to Pass"

Thanksgiving reminds us of the importance of shared values and experience.  A family, if it is healthy and working together, can be a wonderful thing to behold.  The Thanksgiving meal is a gathering of shared gifts. Each person is responsible for bringing something to the meal. When each of us bring our favorite dish to pass, the meal becomes an amazing feast. 

Any organization needs people willing to bring a "dish to pass". Trout Unlimited and your Wisconsin River Valley Chapter is no different.  We need the varied gifts of each of you to make what we do beneficial and amazing.  

What "dish" do you have to share with your chapter? Is it the gift of teaching, organization, fundraising, public speaking, or a strong back?  Do you have a passion for advocacy, love of kids, conservation, fishing, or writing?  Your dish might be the one that puts us on the right course of making clean water the centerpiece of nature's feast.

Please consider carefully what you might bring to TU.  Look carefully at December's newsletter for opportunities to share your gifts.
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