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The Monthly E-Newsletter of the Wisconsin River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited

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This month's issue is filled with things to do, things to learn, and  things to enjoy.  Grab a favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy this month's Riffle

The summer's activities are winding down into fall.  The inland trout season is coming to an end on October 15.  Now it's time to resume our chapter meetings for the fall and winter.


Sconni's Alehouse and Eatery,
1239 Schofield Ave. Schofield, WI 54476.

Sconni's has a private meeting room on the west side of their building where we can order food and have a quiet place for programs,

Come early at 6:00 p.m. for food and drink. It's a good time to get to know some of your chapter members and tell a few fish stories. Fish seem to get bigger the more times that you tell about them.  The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

See you at Sconni's on Tuesday, October, 18

Tuesday, October 18
"The Art of Fly Tying"

6:00 PM Food & Visiting
7:00 PM Program
Sconni's Alehouse and Eatery
Our resident fly tying guru Henry Kanemoto will present a brief introduction on the basic components of fly tying. He will even demystify the confusing business of threads. If you have been tying for years, never tied, or even if you never intend to take up this part of the sport, you will learn a lot about flies and how they are properly constructed. This will be a continuation of the program Henry and others in our chapter presented at the Marathon County Library on October 10. 

Following Henry's informative introduction, members of the chapter will be tying some of their favorite patterns.  If you tie, bring along a vise, materials and join in the fun. Share your favorite creation with the world!

As usual,there will be door prizes for some lucky attendees.

Wausau East International Baccalaureate Students in the Plover River with Trout Unlimited

For over the past twelve years. our Trout Unlimited chapter and Wausau East IB Biology, Chemistry, and Physics students venture out into the Plover river to enhance education.  River flow, chemical make-up, and "critter gathering make for unique outdoor laboratory experiments for these bright young men and women. 

Our chapter volunteers help them navigate in waders and find appropriate areas to do their discovery. 

The DNR provides fisheries managers and technicians to assist with the identification of critters gathered.  They also provide a history of the watershed and the work that is done to preserve it. The finale is always a demonstration of shocking techniques which always surprises the students when they see the fish that inhabit the stream they were working in all morning.  Just take a look below at the beautiful male brook trout that rolled up from the deep.

This year Linda Lehmann, Bob Pils, and John Meachen volunteered for the two days.

Consider being part of this important chapter activity next October.

Fly Tying at the Library

Your Wisconsin River Valley chapter went to the library this past Monday night.  As part of the Marathon County Public Library's series of educational events, our chapter was invited to present fly tying. 

Thank you Henry Kanemoto for putting together an interesting and informative presentation.  Thanks also go to Linda Lehmann, Gene Kosak, John Meachen, and Bob Pils for sharing their skills tying basic types of flies.  Thanks to Doug Brown for lining up the event.

It was an enjoyable night for everyone and quite a bit of interest was shown by the attendees.

October Fly of the Month

Mepps Trout Spinners
Not Every Trout Fisherman is A Fly Fisherman.
Quite often when people think of trout fishing they automatically think that a fly rod is the only method of enjoying the resource.  Obviously that is not true.  For many people, spinners are the way to go.  How many of us caught our first trout on a trusty Mepps spinner?

I fished with a good trout fisherman not long ago who easily out fished me with a silver and white dressed Mepps spinner. He would cast downstream and bring it back quickly hooking fish after fish.  While it isn't hard for someone to out fish me no matter the method, it reminded me of the importance of spinners in trout fishing. 

Not only that, we live in the epicenter of spin fishing with Mepps of Antigo just down the road. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that Mepps spinners have accounted for more fish caught of all species than any other lure.

The following history is provided from the Mepps Company Website:

"Todd Sheldon discovered the Mepps spinner in 1951. Owner of a successful tackle store in downtown Antigo, Wisconsin, he was having a bad day on Wisconsin's Wolf River. Determined to try something different, he tied on a small Mepps spinner that had been given to him by Frank Velek, a WWII GI who had returned from Europe two years earlier. Within two hours, he had creeled four trout weighing more than twelve pounds total.

A very old Mepps Super Shimmy
Todd Sheldon was hooked on and began selling Mepps spinners, but soon discovered he couldn't get enough. Velek knew a French woman who sent spinners to the sport shop in exchange for nylon stockings. However, the lures were selling faster than she was wearing out her stockings, so Todd began buying his lures directly from Meulnart's factory.

Mepps Shimmy Description
Soon, other fishermen were experiencing catches like the one Todd took from the Wolf. But, they were catching all kinds of fish, not just trout. As the Mepps reputation grew, so did sales. In 1956, Todd sold his store and formed Sheldons', Inc. to focus his attention on his growing import trade." By 1960, sales of Mepps spinners in the United States had topped half-a-million, and sales continued to grow rapidly. Todd set an annual sales goal of 3-million lures. "My Dad set that mark," Sheldons' President Mike Sheldon remembers, "because that was more than any lure had ever sold on this continent. Our sales went sailing right past that goal."

The company that started in a ten-foot-square room in the back of a small sports shop in Antigo, Wisconsin has, under the leadership of Todd and his sons Bill and Mike, become one of the most important players in the fishing tackle industry. Todd passed away in 1995. He was 81 years old. "

For that reason we lift up Mepps Spinners as our Fly of the Month.  Just remember to pinch down the barbs on those treble hooks.  It makes releasing a fish a lot easier. 

Volunteer Hours Report is due November 15.  We need your hours!

Our fiscal year ends on October 1st and we need to send the hours that we have shared as volunteers to our national Trout Unlimited.  This information is used to justify our existence as a non-profit conservation organization and to give evidence of our valuable volunteer hours when looking for conservation grants. Volunteer hours can count as dollars when it comes to matching funds.

If you have spent time volunteering by helping with projects, attending regional, local, or state meetings, or presenting at chapter meetings please share the amount of time that you gave.

Please send you hours and a brief description of what you did to our Treasurer Michelle at 

She needs these hours as soon as possible!

Consider Serving

Each year in January we elect new board members for our chapter. We are looking for three individuals who will join a great team of volunteers to lead this chapter into the future.

Please consider this opportunity.  If you would like more information please contact our chapter president, Doug Brown at

If you are asked, please consider serving.

See you on the 18th and remember to mark Tuesday, November 15, 2016 on your calendar for our next chapter meeting

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