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October 2020
We are pleased to release our latest quarterly software update on October 5, 2020. This release marks our third quarterly release and our second using our new version numbering scheme. 

In 2020 we have adopted a new quarterly software release schedule. This schedule provides a much more predictable update pattern for our users, particularly admins tasked with performing the update on their systems. This pattern also allows us to be more specific with our planning for features and corrections included with each release, while also raising the build quality. We strongly encourage our users to follow the Release Notes section of our Help Center which will provide notifications when new articles are added to that section. To do that, simply sign in to our Help Center, then click on the Release Notes section title and click Follow on the right-hand side.

Our new version numbering system makes it easier to identify the time frame and type of release. For example, the new public release is We can see that this version is from 2020, quarter 3, is a public release and was compiled on the 279th day of the year. Details of the version number logic can be found in our Help Center article What is the Logic Behind the New Product Versioning Scheme in Comsense
New Pricebooks
We are excited to release a new brand in our supported price book portfolio. The latest addition is the new HS4 brand from Hager, sometimes referred to as Hager powered by Salto. This is the first of a string of new hardware brands that we'll be releasing soon. If you'd like to add HS4 to your subscriptions, please email your request to
Brand Guides
We have found that some price books contain nuances that are best handled in a certain way when users are configuring product for projects and orders. We've added a new section to our Help Center with a collection of articles that we've called Brand Guides. These articles provide our catalog team with a place to communicate these nuances to users. 

So far we have the following brand guides available:

Baron (CBN)
Curries (CC)
Fleming (CFM)
Hager (HA)
We've been busy this year adding articles to our Help Center. We're trying hard to cover as many important topics as we can to help you find the answers you need as quickly as possible. Our Customer Success team also relies on the Help Center to provide consistent and thorough guidance for many situations. 
We have added 101 new articles in 2020 so far, and have performed major revisions to another 4 articles.

Here's a few of our most popular recent articles: You can find our Help Center at You can also get to it easily from within Advantage and Enterprise in the Help menu. Be sure to sign in to the Help Center in order to follow sections that you're interested in and the system will notify you when new articles are added to that section.
We're expanding in a couple of areas right now. Our immediate need is in our catalog team. We're looking for an Architectural Opening Product Price Book Specialist. The Price Book Specialist is a key member of our Catalog Development team. Their primary duties are making prompt and accurate changes to the product and pricing that make up our supported catalogs in accordance with every new price book release by our manufacturer partners. These catalog databases are used every day by our thousands of users, who trust these catalogs are comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date.

For more information, visit this job posting on Indeed here.

If you're interested in another role with us we'd be flattered if you sent us your resume to

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