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Apica today released Apica Scripting Tools, our next generation offering for creating load testing and monitoring scripts. It contains Apica Scripting IDE, a local web application, and the console-based Apica Scripting YAML.

This month we are also releasing Performance Test Scenarios, a new feature in our Apica LoadTest Portal allowing you to create better and more comprehensive load tests.

Also you can read about how to get out most of your tests with the Live View in Apica LoadTest, where you can get real-time information tweak the test while it is running.


Performance Test Scenarios

Our customers has frequently asked us to add support for performance test scenarios and now we are releasing a first version. A performance test scenario can have up to 30 scripts/tests and configuration like ramp-up, duration, client-side monitoring etc.can be set individually for each script/test. To monitor a scenario test we have created a new scenario live view page with custom graphs. With scenarios you can run tests in sequence one by one or a mix of tests at the same time. With two scenarios you can cover tests that gives the performance test results for each test separately and then and one that gives a complete view of the performance of all tests. This can save a lot of time compare to run all tests separately one by one.

Performance Test Scenario with up to 30 tests

Performance Test Scenario Live View with custom graphs

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Apica Scripting Tools

We have now released our next generation tools for creating load testing and monitoring scripts. The first version contains two tools: the local web application Apica Scripting IDE and the console application Apica Scripting YAML.

Apica Scripting IDE
Apica Scripting IDE is a script development environment that you install on your local computer, and use through your browser. Using Apica Scripting IDE you can record web sessions from a browser or client and use that as the base for a testing script, and/or manually add requests, configurations, variables and loops. Scripts can be run and tested from your local computer with multiple virtual users for extended tests. The finished script can be uploaded to Apica Synthetic Monitoring for monitoring or to Apica Load Test for performance testing as needed.

Apica Scripting YAML
With Apica Scripting YAML, users who don’t need or want the graphical user interface can instead use YAML files to define the test scripts. The scripts can be extended with custom Java plugins and inline scripting, Test packages are then generated with the command line interface. Generated scripts can then be used both for monitoring in Apica Synthetic Monitoring and performance testing in Apica Load Test without modification.
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Live View

The Live View is accessible for running jobs, and provides real-time information about running tests, and allows you to tweak them as the run.

While the test is running you can access up to date results, pause and resume load generation, manage ramp-up/ramp-down and change the configuration, all in order to get the most out of a test.

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