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A protest in São Paulo. (AP)
What to expect when expecting the Brazilian elections. Jair Bolsonaro has toyed with the idea of rejecting election results, given that his approval rating runs lower than that of his presidential predecessors. As Brazilians prepare for the election year ahead of them, IDEIA Big Data’s Dr. Mauricio Moura talks with AS/COA’s Luisa Leme about the anti-vote, apathy, and Brazil’s Ohio. Listen to the Latin America in Focus podcast.

Americas Quarterly's Brian Winter looks at why support for Bolsonaro might not bounce back.

Better check the kids. The race to herd immunity means getting shots in children’s arms, and many Latin American countries are already doing so. But in Brazil and Mexico, the path to getting youth immunized has been less clear. We explore vaccine age eligibility in the region.

Check out our vaccine timeline to see countries’ Covid immunization progress.

Marching on in Havana. The Cuban people can be the protagonists of their own story, the Foundation for Panamerican Democracy’s Rosa María Payá told AS/COA's Eric Farnsworth. Watch the discussion covering this summer’s anti-government protests and the ensuing repression.


—Ecuador’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ivonne Baki on China’s interest in Latin America

The path to economic recovery in Latin America is split in two. Some countries, like Chile, are nearing their pre-pandemic GDP levels while others, such as Colombia, are lagging behind. El País’ Isabella Cota explores what’s behind the divide.
The good news: South America’s Covid contagion rates are plummeting, making up 6 percent of the world’s cases after peaking at 38 percent in June, Bloomberg reports. The not-so-good good news: UNESCO says the world does not have the manufacturing capacity to meet the vaccine demand needed to keep the pandemic in check. Animal Politíco looks at plans to produce shots in Latin America by building on preexisting vaccine-production infrastructure.
  • PAHO signs a two-year deal for 88.5 million Sinovac doses for Latin America. (Reuters)
  • The Brazilian Senate investigates cabinet-level corruption for the promotion of innocuous medicines for Covid prevention. (Folha de S.Paulo)

Poverty rate in Venezuela in 2021 with extreme poverty at 77%. A decade ago, the poverty rate in the country was just 33%.

ICYMI from Americas Quarterly: How to avoid a caudillo in Colombia—and elsewhere. Haiti’s Ariel Henry makes a play for power. Why Mexico’s relationship with China is so complicated. A green arms race could be great for Latin America.

People are turning Hispanic Heritage Month into a meme, and the Los Angeles Times Daniel Hernandez explains why.

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