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A merchant accepts Bitcoin in El Salvador. (AP)
Bicentennial blowback. El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele went all in on Bitcoin, but this week’s Independence Day protests proved that the push to make it legal tender was no safe bet. In a new Latin America in Focus episode, San Salvador-based Leonor Selva of the National Association of Private Enterprise covers why implementation missteps spell “bad publicity for Bitcoin.”

Young and ready to run. Chilean voters showed a preference for youth and moderatism when casting July primary ballots for presidential frontrunners Gabriel Boric on the left and Sebastián Sichel on the right. AS/COA Online profiles the four top contenders ahead of the November first round.

Dive into how voters see the candidates in our Chile poll tracker.  

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September surprise. If Argentina’s legislative primary results give an indication of what’s to come in November 14 midterms, the governing coalition has a tough road ahead. Special Advisor to AS/COA Juan Cruz Díaz explains what went wrong for Frente de Todos and the steps it may try to take to regain ground.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso hit 100 days in office this month and he’s already earned high marks for meeting an ambitious Covid vaccine goal. But the Financial Times’ Gideon Long warns that Lasso next faces an economic squeeze and an unfriendly Congress.
Nicaragua’s medical professionals who pushed for greater Covid transparency have been accused of “health terrorism” by the Ortega government. AP’s Chris Sherman covers how the repression has forced medical experts into exile.
  • Cuba plans to start vaccinating children as young as two years old with its homegrown vaccine. (VOA)
  • Mexico backtracks on a previous announcement and deems children 12 to 17 with risk factors eligible for vaccination. (La Jornada)
  • Canada and Spain donated doses to the countries in Latin America with the lowest vaccination rates. (WHO)

The portion of jobs generated in Latin America from mid-2020 to the first quarter of 2021 that are in the informal sector, per a new International Labor Organization survey of 16 countries.

ICYMI from Americas QuarterlyAQ Podcast with the White House’s Juan Gonzalez. An unlikely gift to Peru’s president. The man with Bolsonaro’s fate in his hands. Will Mexico’s economic rebound be temporary? Bolivia fails to turn the page.
Architect Valeria Escobar was missing the cacophony of Caracas while living in Bogotá. So she created a sound map of the city. Listen to the noises that fill Venezuela's capital.
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