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New Everyday Sales

We’ve been working with a number of the top brands we carry to be able to get a lower everyday sale price of some of our best selling products to be able to pass that deal on to our customers.  We know that supplements can be expensive, so we’re doing everything we can to make it more affordable to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We've made a list are 68 of our best selling products that we’re now able to offer on everyday sale- we will try to add to this list as time goes on- we’re doing our best to find and pass on deals to our wonderful and loyal customers.

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An Easier Way to Take Calcium

I have a confession to make- I’m terrible at taking my vitamins, calcium in particular. Not always, just sometimes I feel like I go through fazes where I just don’t want to- not like swallowing a pill is difficult, it just can seem undesirable for whatever reason, and it gets put off and put off until I've missed a day. This is why chewable vitamins are really great, and now we have a number of different new chewable and gummy vitamins at the store which are not only palatable, but delicious, which makes you want to go out of your way to take them.

The first I’d recommend is a new calcium gummy chewable by Carlson, it’s a great option because it tastes amazing; it makes taking a calcium supplement actually pleasurable, as strange as that sounds. We’ve all started taking it at the store, and I would really recommend trying it if you don’t currently take calcium supplements, or if you’re a person who routinely forgets to take their calcium. I feel like this calcium has made me remember to take it every day for the simple fact that it’s so tasty. Joanne, one of our owners, saves it for after dinner because she says it satisfies the craving for having something sweet while checking off her calcium requirement for the day. 

Each chewable gummy contains 250 mg of calcium, so we recommend taking them two at a time. The standard daily recommendation for calcium is 1000mg per day, but most people don’t need to take that full amount if they eat dairy products and other calcium containing foods. Here is a great list from the University of Chicago of the calcium content in different foods. Many people have the idea that if they are worried about bone health that more calcium is better, which is not necessarily the case. The body can only absorb roughly 500mg of calcium at one time, so taking mega-doses is rarely effective.

We’re having our new Carlson calcium gummies on sale this month for 25% off, so March is a good time to try them, and honestly, they taste like candy. They also use a well absorbing form of calcium which does not cause constipation.

We also have a large selection of other great chewables in the store, from multivitamins to vitamin D, and more. I really think chewables can be a beneficial way to take your supplements, particularly if you are a person that doesn’t like to swallow pills.

Additionally, a representative from Carlson will be in the store on Saturday, March 4th from 11-2 to sample their Calcium + D3 Gummies, so stop by to give them a try while they're on sale this month!


Tart Cherry Juice for Sleep

Q: I’ve heard that cherry juice can help you to sleep better. I wondered if that was really true, and if so, if there was a certain kind of cherry juice to look for.

A: Yes, Montgomery tart cherry juice has been shown in research to aid in sleep. For example, one study gave participants an 8 oz. glass of tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks. The group who took tart cherry juice slept an average of 84 minutes longer than a separate period when they took a placebo. Their sleep was also recorded as being more efficient, meaning it took less time to fall asleep and they had a better quality of sleep that those who did not use the tart cherry juice. Cherry juice is a natural source of melatonin, which can help to regulate the sleep cycle.

Montgomery tart cherry juice has also been researched with great results in helping to prevent and treat symptoms of gout, as well as reducing inflammation in the body. Tart cherry juice also has documented benefits for heart health and muscle recovery. Click here for links to a variety of research studies on the benefits of tart cherry juice.

When taking tart cherry juice medicinally, it’s important to look for an unsweetened juice without added ingredients. Many cherry juices on the market are mixed with other juices like white grape to make it sweeter, which is not a bad thing if you just are looking for a refreshing beverage, but if you’re looking for tart cherry juice for health benefits, it’s important to get the real thing.

More than any other, we would recommend our Cherry Bay Orchards brand of Montgomery tart cherry concentrate, since it is the specific variety that has been in the most research studies.

A Helpful Tip for Kid's Lunches

In general, for kids, we think hard chewables are better for kid’s multivitamins, since they usually have more complete ingredients, and/or higher potencies of vitamins. However, I wanted to share a helpful tip regarding gummy vitamins which has helped our family and that I’ve found to be especially useful.

My first grader takes a lunch to school every day, and I’ve gotten in the habit of putting gummy vitamins for her to take in with her sandwich. Most schools would balk at seeing regular hard vitamins in a school lunch (understandably, since they can look like medicine), but the gummy vitamins we have at the store just look like candy or fruit snacks. I’ve found it to be a perfect solution for us since I never forget to give her her vitamins (I do a gummy multivitamin, an omega 3 chewable gummy, and a gummy probiotic), and she loves having them in her lunch since the gummies taste like a treat (I don’t usually give her fruit snacks or the like, so the gummy vitamins are a special thing in her mind).

We have a number of great tasting gummy vitamins at the store which are “kid approved” for taste.


While multivitamins aren’t a replacement for a healthy diet, they are helpful to “fill in the gaps” especially for picky eaters. We recommend Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Multivitamins and Yummy Bears Multivitamins.


Probiotics help with digestion and boost the immune system naturally.  Research has shown that kids who take probiotics on a regular basis get fewer upper respiratory infections than kids who do not take probiotics.  We recommend Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Sour Gummies.


Omega 3 fatty acids help with brain function, improving concentration and focus.  Omega 3s must be obtained through diet, since the body does not manufacture them, so if a child isn’t eating fatty fish on a regular basis, it is likely they’re deficient. We recommend Yummy Bears Omega 3 + DHA and Nordic Natural's Omega 3 Gummies.

Stop by the store and we'd be happy to help find the children's vitamins right for your family!

This crazy weather has me yearning for plants beginning to grow and bloom and the beginning of true spring.  This is a beautiful soup recipe with a freshness that just sings "spring"!

See this recipe on our website.

Raw apple cider vinegar is so healthy for you- it has benefits for weight loss and detoxification, it’s antibacterial, it can help with lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and may even have protective effects against cancer. This recipe is a great one to make apple cider more palatable, and its ingredients even add to ACV’s effectiveness. 

See the recipe on our website.

If you've never had red quinoa, you're missing out- and this recipe is a perfect way to serve it.  Red quinoa has more fiber than regular white quinoa, and while both varieties are great for you, if you haven't tried the red variety, it's a real treat!

See the recipe on our website.

Easy DIY Hand Soap with Essential Oils

Liquid hand soap is expensive, and with the amount that we wash our hands in our family, we go through it quickly.  This recipe makes a nice large amount, enough to fill all the soap dispensers in your home with plenty to spare, and it’s extremely inexpensive to do.  It can also be customized with your favorite essential oils!

See the recipe on our website

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, and may the luck of the Irish go with you!
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