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Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

Q: I want to lose weight but I’m not sure what supplements are really best for weight loss and what really works. Do you have any recommendations?

A: The supplement that we would recommend the most is the extract of a tropical fruit found in Indonesia called garcinia cambogia. Of all the weight loss supplements available, we believe that there is the most positive scientific research for garcinia cambogia over any other weight loss supplement. Dr. Harry Press, a researcher from Georgetown University, reports that garcinia cambogia is three times more effective than diet and exercise alone. It’s not a miracle pill, but when combined with diet and exercise, it can make a real difference.

Garcinia cambogia works in several different ways to aid weight loss, which is part of why it’s so effective. First, it works to delay the emptying of the stomach, and also prolongs glucose absorption from the small intestines, both of which help you to feel full and satisfied longer after a meal.

Another way that garcinia cambogia works in the body is that it helps to boost serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, in the brain. Higher amounts of serotonin in the body help with reducing appetite and stress eating, as well as boosting mood overall, which is always a good thing. The only concern would be for people taking SSRI antidepressants (like Prozac) which also boost serotonin; if you’re on a prescription SSRI antidepressant, it would be best to avoid garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia also helps with weight loss in another way- it helps fat to be used as energy rather than stored as fat deposits. Since it is helping the body to burn fat more effectively, garcinia cambogia works best when people are not consuming excessive dietary fats or a high alcohol diet.

Of any garcinia cambogia supplement, we’d recommend the brand Jarrow. They have the highest amount of the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia per pill over any other brand we’ve seen. Also, their specific garcinia cambogia extract is actually protected by nine different US patents, and has been shown to have better absorption and a higher range of benefits when compared with other garcinia cambogia extracts.

Finally, making sure you’re taking the recommended dosage is important for seeing true effectiveness. One other thing to mention would be that in a few studies, it took one to two weeks of supplementation before weight loss began, so if you start taking garcinia cambogia, be patient. The science it behind it is solid, it really does help with weight loss. Keep in mind however, it’s meant to be an aid to weight loss, giving an extra boost to diet and exercise. Another benefit of garcinia cambogia is that unlike some other weight loss supplements, it's safe for people with high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the miracle pill that will let us sit on the couch all day eating junk while looking like a supermodel has yet to be invented, but every step makes a difference for leading a healthier life. Weight loss is not just about being happy about how you look in a swimsuit, excess weight literally impacts every aspect of health, so making a change for the better can truly give you a better- and longer- life!

Jarrow's Garcinia Cambogia will be on sale during the month of April for 25% off. We also have a limited supply of $2 off coupons, to make it an even better deal!

A New Line of Essential Oils

We have just started carrying a new brand of essential oils by Simplers Botanicals that I’m super excited about. Part of why I love them is that they have the largest selection of USDA certified organic oils of any other brand available anywhere.

I’ve been working to get this brand into the store for ages, but our distributor for a long time could never get display racks; well, we finally got our hands on some and starting in April we will have the Simplers Botanicals oils available.

The main reason that I was so excited to carry them in the store is that they seriously smell amazing. Amazing. The majority of the oils I have in my home and use on a regular basis are by NOW or Aura Cacia, and I do think those brands have great oils, I have nothing bad to say about them. I do, however, have a few precious bottles of the Simplers Botanicals organic oils and have to say, that I think they are the best oils I’ve ever smelled. For example, their lavender and sweet orange oils (two of my favorites) have to be smelled to be believed, they smell absolutely wonderful.

We have twelve new oils by Simplers that we’ve started with to carry in the store (we can special order anything from their full line however), and all but one are USDA certified organic, as it is not available in a non-organic source (even their non-organic oils are wild crafted and ethically harvested). See this article on our website for the full listing of Simpler’s Botanicals that we have available in the store. 

Simplers is very careful about where it supplies its oils from, using only the best artesian distillers around the world. See this article on the Simplers Botanicals website for more information on their sources used around the world.

With being such high-quality oils- and I would truly venture to say that there isn’t a better quality of essential oil made by another company available anywhere- one may expect that they would be prohibitively expensive, but that isn’t the case. As many essential oil aficionados know, not all oils cost the same. 

To make some of their more expensive, 100% pure essential oils more affordable, they are sold in smaller quantities; for example, their incredibly fragrant Moroccan blue chamomile oil is packaged in a smaller, 2ml quantity, to be able to be sold at a more reasonable price. So this month, I would very much recommend stopping by to sniff these amazing new oils (we have testers of each available), I think you’ll love them, I know I do! 

Turmeric is a fantastic anti-inflammatory spice, and this recipe is an easy (and delicious) way to add a bit more to your diet; plus this recipe only uses 5 ingredients, so it's simple to put together!​

See this recipe on our website.

This recipe makes a delicious, hearty breakfast or snack that compliments both sweet and savory flavors.

See the recipe on our website.

This is less of a recipe than a helpful tip to pass on. We’ve discovered that collard greens make a fantastic substitute for tortillas (or sandwich bread) for anyone trying to reduce their carb intake (they’re also nice for gluten free diets). They’re tasty and sturdy to hold any fillings, and they’re absolutely chock full of nutrients.

See the recipe on our website.

DIY "Poo-Pourri" (or Air Freshener)

Have you seen the commercials for Poo-Pourri- the "before-you-go" toilet spray? The idea is that you spray the water in the toilet with the mixture and it helps to minimize the possible smell of a bowel movement (I apologize if this feature seems a little gross).

A few of us were chatting at the store and we thought we could put together our own recipe with essential oils. After a few trial runs and tweaks to the recipe, I think we have a very effective “DIY Poo-Pourri” recipe.

See the recipe on our website

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The birds seem so happy that spring is finally here!  We hope you enjoy the beautiful, mild weather this month.
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