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New Products
RX Bars in Apple Cinnamon, Mint Chocolate, Coffee Chocolate, & Maple  
Aunt Fannies All Natural Pest Remedy
Nutriblade Ready to Drink Wheatgrass in Original and Tart Cherry

Health Ade Pink Lady Apple Kombucha
Health Ade Pomegranate Kombucha
Health Ade Grape Kombucha
Aura Cacia Essential Oil Blend Sprays: Chill Pill
Aura Cacia Essential Oil Blend Sprays: Pillow Mist
Aura Cacia Essential Oil Blend Sprays: Panic Button
Jarrow Golden Turmeric Tea 
Endangered Species Chocolate Bites and Chocolate Bark
Kiss My Face Active Sport Deodorant
Republic of Tea Hi Caffeine Cinnamon Toast Black Tea

We have
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New Products We Love

We have all sorts of new products this month, but I wanted to highlight two that we’re really excited about. The first is a new line of essential oils called Breathe Me by Nectar Essences, which include three new blends specifically formulated for children, which is a first.

The kid’s blends include a focus and calm blend, an immunity and decongestant blend, and a sleep blend. We also have a new gift set of essential oil blends for adults by
Breathe Me, as well as a new Super-Immunity blend that we really love. We have testers of each available at the store, so stop by and give them a sniff!

Also new this month is a new and absolutely gorgeous line of beauty products which are made with essential oils and plant essences called Aroma Actives. I’ve been using a few of their new products and have been very impressed with the formulations, plus they really look beautiful on your bathroom counter. 

All our new Breathe Me essential oils and our new essential oil powered beauty line, Aroma Actives, are on sale for the month of February for 20% off.

Natural Help for Low Sex Drive in Women

Q: I feel like this is kind of an awkward question, which is why I’m sending it in. I wondered if you had anything that really works for helping with female sex drive. To make matters worse, I’ve started to enter menopause, and have been dealing with vaginal dryness. Is there anything that can really help?  I see ads for Viagra everywhere, but never anything for women…

A:  Low sexual drive in women is an incredibly common problem, estimated to affect over 1/3 of the general population. It can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being stress and anxiety as well as hormonal issues. 

There are natural products which can help, however, and the one I would recommend the most is called Steel Libido Pink for Women by Irwin Naturals. It combines several different natural supplements long known for their benefits for sexual health. Steel Libido Pink works in a number of different ways to relax the body and mind and bring the body back into balance; it also helps to create a pleasurable warming sensation in the body. We have had many of our female customers use it with great results. It can be taken on a regular basis for overall sexual health, or used on an occasional, as-needed basis before sexual activity. 

Vaginal dryness is also a common complaint, particularly for women entering menopause, and can definitely hamper sexual activity. We have several wonderful varieties of natural lubricants available at the store from Emerita, a company that specializes in natural women’s health with products specifically formulated to compliment women’s unique body chemistries. The vast majority of lubricants found at drug stores are made with petroleum products, something you really should not be putting near your lady parts.

During the month of February, we will be offering 25% off on Steel Libido Pink as well as our full line of natural lubricants by Emerita. If you have any further questions or need additional help, please stop by the store so we can help you further. We are a female owned business, and women’s health of all stages is very important to us.

New Essential Oil Bracelets

We have just received a shipment of new lava rock essential oil bracelets. Each bracelet has fifteen lava rock beads, which absorb essential oils and gently diffuse the scent throughout the day. Lava rock is made from cooled volcanic magma, and wearing the beads can feel very grounding. The seven rainbow beads represent the seven chakras in the body and also represent the beauty, promise, and diversity of our world, in one harmonious whole.

We’re in love with these bracelets, and as
a Valentine’s gift for our lovely customers, we are offering these bracelets on sale for only $5 each while supplies last. They make a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

To apply the essential oils, massage one drop of oil per bead (as many as you choose
depending on how potent of a scent you’re looking for). It’s a simple and beautiful way to get the benefits of essential oils. Some of our favorites that we’ve been using are lavender for relaxation, orange for positive mood, and rosemary and lemon for enhancing memory.

New Flax Seed Blends

We have a new line of product by Barleans (the whole line of which is on sale this month for 25% off) of new ground flax seed blends.  There are four varieties available: 

Superfruit Blend- a mix of flax, coconut, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry

Antioxidant Blend- a mix of flax, coconut, acerola, acai, and
camu camu

Energy Blend- a mix of flax, chia, coconut, and panax ginseng

Digestive Blend- a mix of flax, chia, coconut, pumpkin, and quinoa

Flax seed is a fantastic whole food source of omega-3 fatty acids, but not everyone likes the flavor by itself.  These blends are
great tasting way to add some extra omega 3s, fiber, and antioxidants to your diet.  They can be mixed in with hot cereal, smoothies, yogurt, or even eaten by themselves.  I’ve tasted all of them and the superfruit blend and the digestive blend are my favorites (the superfruit blend is seriously delicious, even just eaten straight out of the bag).

They’re on sale this month, so I’d definitely recommend giving them a try!

Men's Sexual Health

Since we wrote about women’s sexual health this month, I wanted to mention that we do have products for men’s sexual health as well. It’s estimated that over 30 million American men suffer from low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction. In many cases it can be a side effect of health issues like high blood pressure or can even be caused by a number of common medications. 

The first thing I would recommend is maca root. It’s available in capsules or powder (the powder is a great addition to a morning smoothie or protein shake) and has been used for thousands of years for virility and male potency; recent research has confirmed that it can help with increasing sperm count and help to reverse sexual dysfunction.

Another supplement we’d recommend is Steel Libido for Men by Irwin Naturals. We wrote about the women’s formula for sexual health, but the men’s formula definitely deserves a mention as well. It has a variety of well-researched ingredients that work in several different ways to restore sexual function, including several supplements which help with increasing blood flow, which directly impacts erectile functioning. Just like the women’s formula, it can be either be taken on a daily basis or only used occasionally as needed before sexual activity.

All of our Steel Libido formulas for men and women are on sale during the month of February for 25% off.

If you haven’t heard of golden milk, also sometimes known as golden turmeric tea, you’re in for a treat!  Turmeric and ginger are wonderful, comforting, anti-inflammatory spices, and this recipe is an easy way to add more anti-inflammatory compounds to your diet.​

See this recipe on our website.
Flax seeds are full of good fiber and omega-3 fatty acids! These make a delicious, hearty breakfast that satisfies for hours- plus they're grain free!

See the recipe on our website.
Zucchini is such a versatile ingredient, and it makes a fantastic substitute for lasagna noodles in this recipe for a delicious, grain free meal!​  

See the recipe on our website.
Easy DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant

This recipe makes an easy to apply paste, and it’s great because it’s made with ingredients you likely have in your kitchen. This recipe makes a small amount, which is nice if you just want to try it, or even make a few different ones with different essential oils, though it is easily doubled.​

See the recipe on our website

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Plus, since it's adorable, I thought I'd share this: Kids Quotes About Love

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