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New Products
Katz Cinnamon Rugelech (GF)
Solaray Elderberry Chewables
Lonolife Bone Broth K Cups
A New Line of Facial Masks by Andolou Naturals (Seven Varieties)
Natural Sport Magnesium Oil with Arnica
Yogi Licorice Mint Tea
Foodie Fuel Snacks (GF)
TruJoy Peppermint Coco Chews (GF)
Tecchino Roasted Dandelion Coffee Substitute Bags
NOW Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend
Once Again Brand No Stir Peanut Butter
Health Ade Kombucha in Pink Lady Apple, Pomegranate, & Lemon Ginger
Herb Guru Tiebetan Tonic Drinks in Three Varieties
Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Mix (GF)
Simple Mills Chocolate Muffin Cake Mix (GF)

We have many more new items this month, see the link below for the fill listing:
See more new items here
Cold & Flu Helpers
This month finds many of us in the throes of cold and flu season. To you we say, “Take heart!  We can help!”  We have a number of amazing immune boosters available in the store which we have found to really help. We have three of my favorites for cold & flu season on sale, I’ll list them below with links to articles from our past newsletters for more information.

Irwin Natural's Immuno Shield is on sale for 25% off; it is the number one recommendation for staying healthy this winter. It’s great as a preventative or when you feel like you’re starting to come down with something. All of us at the store swear by it!  See this article for more information.

Nature’s Answer Sambucus is also on sale this month for 30% off. Sambucus, also known as black elderberry, is an amazing antiviral backed by scientific research. It’s great tasting and is safe for both children and adults. Of any brand of elderberry syrup, we've found Nature's Answer Sambucus to be the most potent. See this article for more information.

The last to mention would be Redd Remedies, which are on sale for 25% off. They have the best cough drops I’ve ever used. I’m basically ruined for any other cough drop since I love these ones so much. They’re made with essential oils and really help to soothe a sore throat. They also have essential oil inhalers (they call them diffusers, but they are more of a sinus inhaler) for sinus or lung issues. I am crazy about their products and think they work very well. See this article for more information.
Help for Resolutions

Many people make resolutions at the start of the year, one of the most common of which is to lose extra weight. First, let me say that there is no miracle pill (unfortunately!), but there are some natural products that can really help.

This is a great rundown the different weight loss ingredients out there, and how they work. Everybody’s different, so reading it might help you to find the weight loss aid that’s right for you.

Another goal many people have for the new year is to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. If that’s the case for you, be sure to read our article on whole body cleanses in this month’s newsletter. Additionally, this article on natural household cleansers (and their chemical laden counterparts) may be a helpful read.

Finally, if your resolution is to try to have a more calm and stress free 2017 (wouldn’t that be great?), here are a few articles that might help: 

Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

Theanine, a Pass Favorite

Two Fantastic Natural Mood Boosters

We wish you the very best for this New Year.  Be well.

Whole Body Cleanses

With the new year upon us, many people strive to begin the new year in a healthier way, and a whole body cleanse is an easy and helpful way to do that. One that we particularly recommend is the Complete Body Cleanse by Nature’s Plus.

Their complete body cleanse is a mix of three products in one kit. An herbal cleansing formula, which has ingredients designed to helps to detoxify the liver, lymphatic system, kidney, blood, and lungs. Next, there is a fiber formula, which helps to bind the released toxins and also works as a whisk to clean out the intestines. Finally, there is a gentle colon cleanse with laxative herbs for nighttime.

Many people are worried about doing a cleanse, particularly the colon cleansing part with laxative herbs because they’re worried that they won’t be able to leave the house because they’ll be in the bathroom all day. Don’t be. A good cleanse like this one by Nature’s Plus that we’re recommending should be gentle, gradually helping to increase the amount of bowel movements you have per day, but not in an excessive or unpleasant way.

A cleanse is a fantastic thing to do a couple times a year, or at least annually. Our modern lives put a big stress on our bodies by the chemicals and toxins we come in contact with every day, whether through our environment, our food and drinks, the medications we take, and even the very air we breathe. Taking time out to cleanse and restore the body’s systems can help to bring the body back into balance.

After doing a cleanse, many people feel lighter and more energized, but I would say that it’s definitely beneficial, even if you don’t feel very different afterwards, it’s a way of knowing that you’re doing what you can to help your body to run right and give it a bit of a break from the constant toxic load that it usually has to deal with (even from the healthiest of us). It’s almost something that can be likened to changing the oil in a car- your car might not ride much different afterward, but its continued maintenance will help it to run longer and better. Well, your body is definitely more important than a car, so make sure to treat it right too!

When doing a cleanse,  you can still eat as you normally would, but choosing a diet full of fresh produce, whole grains, and unprocessed foods will help it to be even more effective. A cleanse will still work if you’re eating McDonald’s every day, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. ;)

Nature’s Plus Complete Body Cleanse comes in both one and two-week formulas. I would absolutely recommend doing the two week one. It’s only a few more dollars than the one-week formula, and having a second week of cleansing really does help to release more toxins in the body- in my opinion, the second week makes a big difference.

Happy cleansing!

Oral Probiotics for Stronger Teeth

We have an interesting new oral product that I wanted to mention since it’s really unique. It’s a new oral probiotic by Jarrow. Usually oral probiotics help with combating bad breath and mainting a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth (things I’m all for), but in addition to that, this new one by Jarrow actually has specific identified strains that have been shown in research to literally help preserve the health of tooth enamel and dentin (dentin is the sensitive layer underneath the enamel on our teeth). Years of chewing, grinding, and biting wears down our tooth enamel- the hard, protective layer on the outside of our teeth- so a new way to strengthen that enamel and prevent future loss is an amazing thing.

As someone who has struggled with dental issues, I’m super excited about this new probiotic since it’s the first I have ever seen that can actually help strengthen teeth. Jarrow’s probiotic is a lozenge, and you want to have it in your mouth for at least a good five minutes, either by just sucking on it like a peppermint (it’s actually peppermint flavored- ha!), or in between your gums and cheek. 

It’s recommended for adults or children over 3, since children younger than three are not likely to be able to follow the directions of keeping it in their mouth and not eating it right away. We definitely recommend trying it for maintaining a fresh, healthy, and strong mouth!

This recipe is a fantastic, light soup that is great for detoxing after the indulgences of the holidays.  It's also low in calories so it's helpful if you're trying to lose a few extra pounds.​

See this recipe on our website.
These are beyond delicious and are an incredibly healthy, guilt-free snack or side dish. ​

See the recipe on our website.
Miso is fermented soybean paste. It's full of beneficial probiotics and is helpful for digestion and for bringing the body back into balance. We recommend using organic, non-GMO miso paste, like the one we have in our refrigerated section.​

See the recipe on our website.
DIY Exfoliating Lip Treatment
(it's great for hands too!)

Cold winter weather and chapped lips seem to go hand in hand, so this simple recipe is a great one to have in the house (plus it’s made with ingredients that are probably in your cabinet). It’s perfect for lips, but it also is nice for dry flaky hands.

See the recipe on our website

Secret Word
January's Secret Sale Word is "Cardinal"!
A cardinal brightens the winter landscape just like a kind word can brighten someone's day!

Say the secret word at the register this month to save 10% off your purchase (excluding sale items or other discounts). 

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