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Hello, Friends,
It’s that time of year again —
My books are going back to school.
What will the new school year bring? I wonder, like an anxious parent. Will my books sit alone on a shelf all year, or make a few new best friends? Will anyone come to know them as I do? Might a reader discover something that I’d never noticed before, good or bad? It’s hard to know. Unlike children, books don’t come home at the end of the day to tell us how things went.
Over the past few years though, I’ve been lucky to hear from and meet many wonderful, innovative teachers and librarians who are using picturebooks with students of all ages.* They are reading their stories thematically to build community, set the tone for a classroom, or to prompt discussions about the world beyond it… I wish I could be a fly on the wall during some of those conversations! In any case, it’s incredibly gratifying to know that they are happening.
Authors spend a lot of time alone and in their own heads, on work that doesn’t truly exist until readers give it life. So, many thanks to all who get our books out into the real world! Thank you for connecting us to children through our books, increasing the odds that our writing will find that special reader who might need it. And for being on the front lines, making the world a more literate, informed, and compassionate place, one child at a time, one classroom or school at a time — an enormous thank you.
Wishing all a new school year full of wonder, heart, and hope!


*Ps, have you heard of #classroombookaday? It’s a brilliantly conceived commitment to reading a picturebook every day of the school year. You can learn more about it here
Clockwise, from top: 
  • Emily Arrow wrote a song based on This House, Once; what an honor!
  • I visited the Carle Museum for a “Special Storytime”, where we made our own special houses.
  • Have you ever used a hug as a unit of non-standard measurement? In June, I popped in at the Seedlings Educators Collaborative, where teachers shared their ideas with me about how they might use This House, Once in their classrooms.
  • At Nerd Camp MI, a two-day summer camp for book nerds! Meeting and book-talking with teachers in Michigan has been a highlight of my last two Julys. Here I am at Nerd Camp Jr., showing students how I made the art for my book, Blue Chicken.
  • I always love to visit kindergarteners New Haven Reads.
THIS FALL (where to find me)
September 23: Princeton Children's Book Festival, Princeton, NJ
October 18-20: Florida Association of Media Educators Annual Conference, Orlando, FL

November 17:  NCTE Annual Convention, St. Louis, MO
November 4: Nerd Camp LI, Jericho, NY
The Yarn: Podcast Interview with teacher Colby Sharp
Design of the Picture Book: Interview with author and school librarian Carter Higgins
Mile High Reading: Interview with educator Dylan Teut
Life's an Art:  Interview with writer Faith Hough
Viking Children's Books, 2016

★  "Someone extremely shy finds a friend... An exquisite treasure for bashful readers, animal lovers, and anyone who’s ever wanted a friend." — Kirkus Reviews, starred review
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017

"...a blueprint for mindfulness and gratitude for the homes in which we... live. With the wooziness that comes from sitting close to a fire, and in a whisper of colors that have the hypnotic allure of bruises, Freedman deconstructs and rebuilds her toasty house... so long as the embers of Freedman's incantation continue to glow, I'm in no rush."  — The New York Times Book Review
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