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June  2018  KSNH News and Events Update

General Meeting
June 21, Louisville Nature Center, 7:00 pm

This is a very important meeting dealing with the future of the Kentucky Society of Natural History.
We are looking for a president to take over for KSNH. We need a volunteer to step up and take charge. All conditions were discussed at a board meeting held last Saturday. We need fresh blood with fresh ideas. Please do not use the phase "Well what you can do is...."  Been there done that.  We (the people who have been doing this for years) have exhausted all avenues.  Usually the VP steps up but there are reasons beyond control that prevents this. Give some serious thought because we need your help..  Without a full slate of officers, we will lose our not-for-profit status.
The last board minutes, see below, will be discussed.  We would like your input in some of our decisions.

A special thank you goes out to Cindy Payne and Peggy Coffee for providing snacks at our last general meeting in May.  We are looking forward for another round of goodies from our volunteers Larry and Susie Hilton and Richard Hutchison.  Thanks guys for stepping up to the "plate."

Minutes from the Kentucky Society of Natural History Board Meeting
Saturday, May 12, 2018
Board Members present: Berl Meyer, Larry Hilton, Marge Conard, Mary Jane Glauber,
Susan Wilson, Chris Bidwell, Mary Alice Bidwell and Pat Meyer
Immediate Past President, Berl Meyer opened the meeting.
The minutes from the last General Board Meeting held on Friday, October 13, 2017 at our Fall Conference at Pine Mountain State Resort Park were read and approved.
Mary Alice Bidwell presented the Treasurer’s report. The KSNH has $4,986.77 in a checking account and $4,753.02 in a savings account at the Jefferson County Federal Credit Union. The KSNH has $22,748.88 in CDs at the JCFCU. Income from membership dues in 2018 was $1,417.00. Cash on hand for the KSNH is $60.00. The KSNH received a donation of $150.00 in 2018.The KSNH has the designation of being a 501(c)(3) so that donations are tax deductible for the donors. 2018 expenses for the KSNH to date have been for stamps and supplies for $37.20, $50.78 for memorial chimes, and $325.00 for rental fees for the Louisville Nature Center meeting space. The Treasurer’s report was approved.
At present, the KSNH virtually has no president. The vice president will not be able to assume the role of president.
Berl Meyer suggested that having the sponsorship of a university would be beneficial for the continued growth of the KSNH.
The KSNH Life time membership has been $300.00. The KSNH individual membership is $15.00 and family membership is $25.00 with an annual renewal.
It was proposed that the KSNH take an immediate hiatus, meaning that no new memberships would be taken, and all activity would stop. The bank accounts would be kept. Marge Conard asked that the KSNH be kept active through July 2018. On the third Thursday of July which is July 19, 2018, the KSNH will hold their pot luck picnic at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Please arrive at the Horrine Center after 3 PM. We will eat at 6 PM, with KSNH supplying the meat and utensils for our potluck picnic dinner.
The general membership will be informed at the May 17, 2018 KSNH meeting at the LNC regarding the suggestion for the KSNH to take a hiatus. It was also noted that the KSNH has a lot of competition from other nature groups.
The last meeting of the KSNH will be on the third Thursday of June 2018 at the Louisville Nature Center. June 21, 2018 is our final KSNH general meeting until further notice.
Duties of the president have included arranging for a fall and spring conference, and to get speakers for those conferences. It was mentioned that the KSNH Spring Conference at the PMSS Spring Wildflower weekend had worked out quite well.  More KSNH members attended the PMSS spring wildflower weekend than others.
At present, the KSNH holds meetings in March, May, June, September and November for which the KSNH president and other members have arranged for speakers and for which the KSNH has to pay rent to the LNC. The KSNH has traditionally held a Christmas banquet in December and a picnic in July. Frequently, a program has also been offered at the December and July dinner/picnic meetings. The KSNH president has to find a location for both the Christmas dinner and the July picnic. There is no KSNH meeting in January. In February, the KSNH membership has been gathering at
Mike Linings for lunch and then gone eagle watching along the river afterwards.
Because the KSNH has no leader, that is no active president at this time, the membership will be informed at the May 17, 2018 General KSNH Meeting that June 21 will be the last General KSNH meeting.
The KSNH website (Blue Hosts) costs $7.99 per month.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Jane Glauber


Upcoming Events in the neighborhood

The Parklands (Most events are free)
The Louisville Nature Center
Bernheim Forest

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
......please keep us informed about any address or email changes.

Berl Meyer

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