Yay! Herdshare details!

You've been added to this segmented list because you emailed or texted and said you were interested in a herdshare. The details are below and I've also attached the Bill of Sale and Hershare Agreement which are to be filled out and returned to me with the share buy in if you'd like to join the herdshare. I urge you to carefully read both documents as they contain many details on how the herdshare works. Feel free to share with other interested parties and ask questions.

Daisy calved Monday afternoon (12/3) and she's still producing a colostrum and milk mix but it should be just milk by Monday though it's looking pretty milky as of tonight's milking. Pick ups will be as follows unless other arrangements are made. I will tentatively say first share pick up will be Tuesday 12/11. 
  1. Tuesdays 10am-12pm
  2. Fridays 4pm-6pm
Herdshare members will sign up for one of the two times. You may appoint an agent to pick up your share for you weekly but it must be in writing, either send it ahead or send with your agent. 

In fact, I encourage members to join an app called Telegram to communicate with the herdshare group if you'd like to coordinate agent pick ups from various areas (MF, Dripping, FBG, etc.). It can be accessed from a computer or smart phone. My handle is mama_ranch or you can search for my phone number 314-578-1351. I'm not very familiar with the app yet, but they claim it is more secure and offers greater privacy than FB and the like. I'll form a group and you can chat amongst yourselves about pick ups and things. My plan is to send most of the info about Daisy and the shares that way so I don't clog up email inboxes.

There are 12 herdshares available, 6 at each pick up time. I may open up more shares at a later date. Each 1/2 gallon jar will be labeled on the lid with your last name on the pick up date in the fridge (if you haven't visited before I'm happy to show you around). Clean and dry jars with lids should be brought to exchange with the filled jars. The clean and dry jars will be placed on shelf unit near the fridge in your labeled box. If you want other items such as eggs, soap, beef boxes, compost, etc. let me know a day before pick up so I have it ready for you. Extra eggs will be on the fridge door. I will almost always be home and available during share pick up but there may be times I must be away and will let people know before. The gate will always be open for you to come in and get your share during the appointed times even if I'm not available. 

For boarding payment ($52/month per share), shareholders are encouraged to set up an automatic bill for ease of both parties. You may also pay before the first of the following month by cash or check, just put the payment in your clean and dry jars (don't worry they will be sterilized before filling). Extra items can be paid with cash or check and placed in your jars on your pick up day. 

Any questions email or text/call. or 314-578-1351
Bill of Sale
Herdshare Agreement
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