2018 Orygun Run

The Nitty Gritty Details


It's Time To Get Real... Detailed:

Like some of the true Gypsy Runs of yesteryear, The Orygun Run was born from truly grassroots (yes, pun intended) beginnings and continues to emphasize the RIDE. This ride pushes its riders, puts bikes through the ringer, stretches the capacity of our partners and donors, and really lays down the miles in the name of riding. So, no matter how homegrown (yup, again) we may have begun, we are constantly working to go even further, do even more, (contain some of the chaos along the way), and always striving to perfect the experience each year so that our Gunrunners have the best possible time. From past years, we've learned that many of our riders like the details, and others, not so much! But nevertheless, here it is... and don't tell us we didn't share all the need-to-know info!


Just. Do. It.

We've got just over 75% of our Participant Forms submitted, but that means that at least 40 riders out there haven't filled that shit out. Here's the deal:
  • If you purchased tickets, YES you still have to fill out the form.
  • If your friend/spouse//dog/etc. bought the tix, YES you have to fill out the form.
  • If you recently snagged a Transfer Ticket, YES you have to fill ou tthe form.
  • If you *don't* fill it out, registration is slow and sucks for everyone.
  • If you *do* fill it out, you get to cut to the front, grab your swag, and ride!
Not sure if you filled it out? Email, Insta DM, or FB Message us and we'll let you know!


2018 Ain't Fucking Around.

This year, we're going harder than ever before. The destinations are further, the days are longer, and the routes are far more challenging. So, keep these things in mind:
  • If you are new to riding, we will strongly suggest the easier routes + lots of breaks.
  • If your bike is hurting for maintenance, you'll want to get it in good running order.
  • If you're bike is just jankity as hell, we assume you'll have your own tools/parts/etc.
  • This year's routes are full of highly technical roads, so please ride at your level.
  • This year will expose you to hot days, chilly nights, and altitude, so plan accordingly.


Get yer shit dialed in.

From pre-ride checklists to suggested packing lists, this is all about making sure that you have what you need when you need it. So pay attention folks...
  • Bring extra gas. We say it a lot, but very few heed the advice. BRING EXTRA GAS.
  • We recommend a serious pre-ride bike tune-up before this run (see note below!).
  • You're gonna want layers of all types for these locations (see note below again!).
  • Water. Water. And more water. You'll want to stay hydrated in the desert!
  • Plan for time off the bike to rest up and recouperate - no judgements here!
We'll be posting a Pre-Ride Bike Checklist and Suggested Packing List soon - so stay tuned!


We ain't waiting around for ya.

We've been wanting to get our Gunrunners to the Wallowas for a while, but to get out that far, there's some new logistics to account for. We'll make sure you get all the details in our upcoming emails, but to get started, here's the dates + places you need to know:
  • Thu July 12th: Pre-Run Kickoff starts @7pm at Imperial River Co. in Maupin**
  • Thu July 12th: Ride 1K In A Day Challengers kick off @7pm, with ride thru Maupin
  • Fri July 13th: Registration at Imperial River Co. from 7am - 9am *only*
  • Fri July 13th: Maupin to Joseph, with Night #1 Party
  • Sat July 14th: Joseph to John Day with Night #2 Party + Raffle
  • Sun July 15th: John Day to Mulino with Night #3 Party + Pig Roast + Races
  • Mon July 16th: Mulino to Portland, with possible Post-Run Party in Portland
**PLEASE NOTE: Thursday is NOT a hosted Orygun Run night, so all riders are on their own for camp or lodging reservations in the area. For a list of local + inexpensive options, GO HERE.**


Routes, Repairs, and Such En Route.

We might sound a little harsh, but honestly, we put a ton into this run for our Gunrunners and we will do everything to make it great. So here's a few things you can count on:
  • Welcome Packs are provided at registration and contain all your must-have info.
  • All of this year's routes will be available in our very next email - yes, all of them!
  • We're using a new route app to ensure that routes + ride info are always accessible.
  • This year we're planning for 2 Chase vehicles to ensure bike + rider space!
  • Staff, EMT, and Chase contacts + Onsite Repair info will all be readily available.


(aka, Shit Raz Will Ask About Next Week.)

Like many of our OG's, Raz knows that the logistics change from year to year and we want to keep everyone updated. We will try to cover it all in the coming weeks and answer any questions that you might have. So Raz, turn down the stereo and listen up:
  • YES, there will be T-Shirts for pre-order (likely *only* pre-order), so stay tuned.
  • YES, there will be merch available for purchase, as well as pre-order options.
  • YES, pre-purchase Raffle Tix will be available soon and you'll want the discount!
  • YES, there will be a Ride 1K In A Day Challenge again, look for info next week.
  • NO, as always, you cannot invite non-Gunrunners to any camp sites.
  • NO, non-staff vehicles are not allowed on the run, for any reason, sorry.
  • NO, Club/MC colors are not allowed at campsite (on the road is fine, of course!)
  • YES, you can have your dog/bird/ferret, assuming it's riding with you and not us.
  • YES, tickets really are sold out - but keep your eyes peeled for transfers online.
  • YES, we are planning for an Upcoming Promo with the lone 2 tickets remaining!
And YES, we really do aim to make this ride great for our Gunrunners, so please reach out anytime!
Got more questions? View other Rider FAQs online or email us at

Get Back On The Road:

BAM for Gunrunners

This year, we're thrilled to have Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys joining our sponsorship ranks and along with their support, they'll be supplying our 2018 Gunrunners with BAM! 24-Hour Hotline, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Free Legal Advice, and lots more! More info in your Welcome Packs and below.

Interested in sponsoring? Learn more HERE!
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