-April 2018 Update-
  • BeUnique- Pray for God’s leadership and provision for Eunice as she hopes to step away from her full time Job in the next 6 months to lead BeUnique.
  • Wine and Worship- Pray that God would raise up disciples from Wine and Worship that could be sent to other places in the the city until there is a church established in every wine bar in the Austin / San Antonio corridor.
  • Sunil- Pray that he would get his visa to come from India to the US for leadership training by the end of May
  • Call To Motion- They are still seeking provision for transportation when they get to Mexico and funds to live. 

Yard Sale Fundraiser 5/19

We will be having a yard sale at the wildfire house on Saturday, May 19th, from 9am-3pm. If you would like to make any donations for the sale, proceeds will go towards the wildfire house (we need a new AC unit before summer hits). You can drop off items for the sale anytime at the Wildfire House - 18425 Bracken Drive, San Antonio, TX 78266 (just call or text 210-452-5532 prior to delivery). We might be able to arrange to pick up any large items. 

*New Missions*

Celebrate with us as God answers our prayers to send out workers into his harvest fields. Please pray for the 2 newest missions to launch as part of the Wildfire Network:


This mission exists to encourage, propel, uplift, and journey together with women as they walk in their God given identity and fulfill His purposes on this earth. Through developing mentoring programs and relationships, large networking gatherings, retreats, and international preaching and prophetic ministry she hopes to witness the Kingdom of God come through the lives of women. 

BeUnique - Eunice Bez is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, ordained to do mighty exploits for him. She is from South Africa, and spent decades as a missionary in Mexico. As God has been stirring in her the past year, she is stepping out in faith to pursue her calling from Jesus. For such a time as this, she has been called to launch Be Unique. As evidenced by the recent public outcry of the #metoo and #timesup movements, the brokenness of this world often lands hard on women. Too often women are not able to experience healing and the full expression of their identity in Christ. Eunice has experienced these at the hands of Jesus, and seeks to walk in obedience to share what she has received.


Wine and Worship exist to introduce people to Jesus - and demonstrate that He is so much more than what they might think of if they have encountered religious people in the past. Jesus loves them, and wants them to experience abundant life with him - and to turn away from idols to worship the true God. Wine and Worship launched on May 1 at 1908 wine bar in Cibolo, TX. Several lost friends attended the first meeting, and there is excitement to continue to meet weekly.

Wine and Worship - It seems like an entire generation of young adults in our culture is missing out on what it truly means to experience abundant life in Christ. Loneliness, addiction, and depression hit these people hard. Misty Porter knows exactly what it feels like to search for real life, only turn to counterfeit pleasures. Jesus interrupted that cycle for her, and He is calling her to meet people where they are at, and introduce them to the love of Jesus through the truth of His love.

God Provides

God has called Wildfire to live generously as an organization. In addition to providing our service platforms free to all mission leaders in the movement, we also hope to be able to give away 25% of our total general budget to other churches, ministries, and missions. We were praying one weekend in early April that God would provide finances for us to give according to our desires - specifically because there is a brother from Central India named Sunil who is seeking more training for his growing network of disciples and house churches, and we wanted to help get him some training.  That next Monday, someone drove up in a Land Rover and said they wanted to sell it and give the money away through Wildfire to missionaries, hungry children, and widows and orphans in need. Last week the vehicle sold and the money was given. It will be enough to provide for Sunil to be able to receive the leadership training he seeks, with some leftover to be given away to those in need. Praise God for His unexpected ways of providing for His Kingdom!

Call to Motion:#MexicoEdition

Many of you may remember praying for Call to Motion as they joined the Wildfire Network earlier this year and were featured in the January Newsletter. Well, God is remaining faithful to the Name he gave - they are being called to move to a small town in Mexico called Lo de Marcos. God has already provided passports, funds to expedite the passports and a FREE place to live in Lo de Marcos! They are currently making plans to travel and live there as a family on mission to announce the Kingdom of God. Please pray for increased Boldness and provision for the work God has for their family. If you want to give a designated gift for Call to Motion, you may do so HERE. They sold everything and are leaving behind a real estate business and the comforts of home in obedience to Jesus. Their ability to serve is entirely dependent on God’s provision.

Calling Lab Retreat -

“You can’t retreat unless you are already in the battle - Ashley Rogers”

We are convinced that God wants to redeem and save the brokenness of this world through Jesus Christ! As God’s people walk in obedience to His Lordship, the Kingdom of God comes against the kingdoms of this world. Many Jesus followers are ready to obey, and are taking steps to walk faithfully to the high calling revealed in scripture, but they want to discover and discern the calling that Jesus has for them - to join a specific mission, or maybe to start something new! We held our first Calling Lab Retreat in April, and 10 people came along for the journey. We helped provide some teaching from scripture regarding calling, but, more importantly, invited people to listen to Holy Spirit in a time of sacred retreat.


Join our next Calling Lab retreat, August 2018, dates TBA

Special thanks to all Wildfire financial partners - Because of your faithful generosity, we are able to provide our services FREE to everyone who shares our Kingdom values and wants to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus’ call for their lives. Since Wildfire received final approval of our 501c3 status, we are able to directly receive tax deductible gifts. Thanks specifically for being willing to make the transition from giving online through the Underground Network, to our very own secure giving site. If you have not set up your giving, you can do so here (make a link or button to

"Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field."
-Luke 10:2
 "How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”
-Romans 10:14-15
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