A private, members-only pool located in the Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

Hello Members,
We understand Friday, May 25th was a very boisterous evening.  We received several emails, some positive, some negative.  It’s a good time to remind every one of the safety rules.  Dynamo uses industry standard ratios for lifeguarding the pool, generally, there is a 1:25 ratio for lifeguards to swimmers.  At no time did the ratio exceed standards Friday night.


Open Daily 6am - 9pm*

* Lifeguards on Duty at 10 am
* See pool calendar for lifeguard and swim team
* NOTE: Pool closes at 4 pm on Mon, June 25 for a swim meet



Our lifeguards do a great job of monitoring the pool, but we ask members and their guests to take responsibility and precautions to ensure the safety of their children and themselves

  • Notify lifeguards with any concerns, including locker room conditions.  Whenever possible, notify the guard in the guard shack – unless there is an emergency. Please refrain from engaging lifeguards in the stands as their priority is to monitor swimmers in the water.

  • Never leave a child (or adult) who is non-swimmer or weak swimmer unattended.  When in the water, the child/new swimmer should be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult/guardian at all times.

  • The baby pool is not lifeguarded.  Children in the baby pool should be carefully attended by parents.  The baby pool is intended for babies and toddlers. 

  • Have a phone close by (a landline phone is located in the guard shack).

  • If a swimmer is missing, check the pool first.

  • Please be familiar with pool rules found here. Share with your guests.

  • NO GLASS allowed on the pool deck - coolers will be checked.

  • No floats, no noodles, no water guns, please limit throw toys to soft/sponge balls.  If the pool is crowded or another patron complains about the nature of play, you will be asked to put the balls away until the pool is less crowded.

Thank you for making the pool safe and fun for all!

Lake Claire Pool & Dynamo

Helpful Links

Pool Party
Wahoo Swim Team
Swim Lessons

Guard shack phone:

Swim Team Practice
Through June 30:
Mon-Sat 7:45-10 am
Check calendar

Swim Meets
Pool closes at 4 pm on:
- Monday, June 25

Please, please, help keep the pool deck clean for all to enjoy! Trash, wrappers, and food attract pests. Please teach children to pick up their food spills and candy wrappers. There is a broom and dust pan in the guard shack -ask the lifeguard in the guard shack for a broom if you need one.
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