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Faster and faster and faster...

Where has the year gone? Seems like just yesterday, I was taking down the Christmas tree and now, it's almost summer. The muse is being more talkative only because I'm already running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

But it's all good. So first let's start with April's amazing winner:

Carol Scheid

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As promised, here is a taste of your next Guardian, Anton. 
Friends are always good to have, even when they are a pain in the ass.

Danika spun her gaze around, shock at the familiar lilt of this new player. The man descended the stairs like he owned the place. He had that purposefully messy hair only the ridiculously gorgeous could pull off. Blonde and copper hues wove through the GQ style and he oozed power.

He was easy on the eyes, and from his loping gate, he knew it. Bright blue orbs framed by long feathery lashes, perfectly tanned skin and muscles visible even though his clothes. But the boyish smile hid something deeper, something dangerous.

He strolled over, inviting himself into the conversation without so much as a hello.

She opened her mouth, a smartass comment hanging on the tip of her tongue when he extended his hand. Lightness and mirth danced in his impossible blue eyes.

"Eamon Alasdair Paidrig McClearon, at your service." His brogue was thicker than her father's, so she guessed him to be pretty fresh off the boat. She studied him as she reached for his waiting greeting. A strange jolt raced along her arm the instant she grazed his skin and she quickly yanked away her tingling fingers.

"What the hell was that?" She split her glare between the two guys and decided to stand alone.

The polished smile across from her vanished in a wave of confusion and Eamon dipped his chin. "Sorry. Next time, I'll be sure to pick up my feet."

A static shock? Doubtful. Her gaze searched the hard wood floors, but did spy thick carpet lining the steps leading to the second level. She gave her wrist a good flick, encouraging the pins and needles to subside. "Yeah, sure."

"So, you were sayin' something about a card?"

Her frown returned in earnest, with a slight headache creeping up in its wake. She reset her arms in shield mode across her chest and sat back into her right hip.

"You always eavesdrop on people's conversations?"

A pained groan off to her left wasn't enough of a deterrent. She tilted her chin up a notch and refused to back down. Sure, the pair of them weighed as much as her block, and she had no real chance if things went bad. But she was tired of being tossed around without any say.

“It’s not hard when you’re tryin’ to out shout each other.”

He did have a point, which only aggravated her more. “Oh, so it’s a volume thing. Next time, I’ll try to get pissed a little quieter.”

Anton was strangely silent. She glanced over in his general direction, his gaze locked with the other guy. The air crackled with that same electricity that zapped her earlier.

“You boys wanna share with the rest of the class?”

He opened his mouth but Mr. Friendly jumped in. “Only if you go first, acushla.

Her forehead was starting to ache from all the frowning exercise it was getting during this interrogation. “So what, I show you mine and you show me yours? Sorry, bod. Played that game and trust me, you ain’t got anything I haven’t seen before.”

The bright blue orbs hardened to icy shards. Maybe insulting Anton’s bestie wasn’t the smartest decision she’d made all day, yet she couldn’t stop herself. Her back was against the proverbial wall and she was not about to lose.

“Seen a few in your time, have ya’ then?”

She tipped her chin up a bit more. “Enough to know yours ain’t gonna scare me.” Well, maybe a little. The bastard was give enough to bench press a Buick but she also knew a genuine good guy when she saw one. They were few and very far between. However, something in the way he carried himself told her she was treading on thin ice.

“You always try to bully girls into giving you what you want, boyo?”

A dangerous tic started at the corner of his tight-lipped smirk.

"Only when my friends' lives are involved, darlin'."
Copyright © 2017 Tessa McFionn, All rights reserved.

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