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Summer in full swing

July is here and that means...CONFERENCE SEASON! Back to back, San Diego Comic Con from July 19-23, then a couple days off to do laundry and I jump on a plane bound for Orlando for RWA Nationals, July 26-30. 

Until then, I'm furiously penning the final chapters in the fourth book in the Guardians series, tentatively titled Spirit Shattered. (Thanks for the title help, Ri!)  

Edits for my sci-fi series should be in super soon and I cannot wait to bring the long awaited world of the Dantaran Galaxy and the battle for love and freedom to everyone. Finally, my short, Midnight at Andromeda's, will be hitting the shelves as part of the second SFRSS anthology sometime in early fall.

In between all the words, there is always time for a trip, or four, to the Happiest Place on Earth, plus movies and spending time with friends and family. 


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Gonna switch things up a bit. Since Spirit Song is currently in the running in the Uncaged Raven Awards, here is my challenge. VOTE! That's it. 

Everyone who votes (and responds via any social media platform) will receive a mini-promo pack with collector cards and bookmarks. Simple enough? 

Wow! You guys are great! Love the awesome family pics. Below are some of the funny pictures you shared. It was a tough call, but June's contest winner is:

Maureen Howard!

Be on the lookout for your summer swag pack!
SPIRIT BOUND: The Guardians Book Two
Thank you, Dale Reierson!
As always, a taste of things to come...

Anton paused mid-lick, processing her naked request. Her words, honest and stripped bare, filled him with hope. He lifted his gaze, drinking in the fearful apprehension reflected in her deep chocolate eyes and pushed himself up to hover above her. Deliberate and controlled, he slipped his hand down to rest on her narrow hip. Only the band of her tattered denims separated him from heaven. 

"Thank you for your trust in me, koxána." He dipped his chin in reverence. As the sun crept beyond the horizon, he took the time to truly see her. His skills as a healer had removed the evidence of her recent bouts, but the deep scars were beyond him. However, the pale patterns did not mar her beauty in his eyes. Instead, they enhanced it. Here was a female who had stood against hatred and ignorance, and come out the other side. 

Lean muscle covered her slender frame, clearly defining the shift from feminine curve to warrior's strength. Shadowy channels scored the lines separating each rib. He shoved his anger at her lack of proper food into a corner. That would be for another time. 

Entranced, he followed the nervous trembling of her abs, his mouth watering in hungered longing. 
"Would you object to me tearing these jeans off your body?"

The porcelain skin took on a lovely shade of pink and his cock knocked hard against his zipper. 
"I can be more careful if you'd like." 

She scissored her legs, arching her back as she clamped her fingers around his wrist.
"I don't care how you get them off. Just get them off. Now," she moaned urgently.
Copyright © 2017 Tessa McFionn, All rights reserved.

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