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Summertime fun!

June has finally arrived! School is soon to be out for students of all ages. And teachers, too. Time to head to the beach, to the park, or just to someplace that makes you feel connected.

For me, this means time to dedicate to my muse. 

Well, as soon as graduation is done. No rest for the wicked. 

Since May's contest didn't quite get the attention I hoped for, I will rerun the contest for June. But I still want to thank and honor my fans for sticking with me. So May's lucky winner is:

Emma-Louise Lewis!

Be looking into your mail for a wonderful surprise!

Look at us, Vik. Look at me. What kind of man would I be if I let her into this hellish world? What would an angel like her want with the likes of me? -Bastian
If I am guilty of anything, mikroúla, it is of wanting you too much. I am guilty of other things too, but please, never doubt my desire for you. -Galen


What’s better than taking a leisurely vacation on a full-service holiday ocean liner? Well, how about taking one on a space liner cruising the universe? And even though it means going the distance, crossing over into many strange galaxies and through a dozen or so special worlds, you’ll want a ticket to board. Since this ship’s stories are all SFR, with the emphasis on romance, it’ll be like transporting directly on board a futuristic season of The Love Boat.

I’m excited to announce that I’m contributing an original story to this SFR anthology, releasing fall 2017, in which all the writers are creating stories for a shared world setting on a giant luxury space ship, the LS Quantum, which will be passing through each author’s unique world. The list of authors may be familiar to you if you read either paranormal romance or science fiction romance. Authors who’ve booked their passage on this outstanding first voyage are:

Cathryn Cade (writing as CJ Cade)
Kerry Adrienne
Rosalie Redd
Belinda McBride
Jayne Fury
Dena Garson
Selene Grace Silver
Cailin Briste
Athena Grayson
Kat Vancil
Blaire Edens
Jenna Lincoln
Diana Rivis

Information about the authors and the individual stories will be posting bi-monthly starting in June on the SFR Shooting Stars website. I hope you’ll drop by during the summer to peruse the planned events and learn more about the ship’s special travelers. Sign-up for the monthly SFR newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any last minute additions.

Happy Reading!
And now the taste you've been waiting for...

Return with me to Boston, where Ukrainian Guardian Anton navigates the minefield of first contact

“I hope to see you again, Danika.” He inclined his head in a most regal and chivalrous fashion. She shoved her hand into her pocket in case he tried to kiss her knuckles or some shit like that. A devilish hint of a smile tugged one corner of his sexy mouth up and her cheeks tingled with embarrassed heat. “If only to convince you of your own worth.”

“Yeah, well. Maybe. Never can tell what’s gonna happen in this shit hole.”
Almost seven feet of gorgeous and ripped warrior loomed large as he leaned closer. Caught like a hare in hypnotic stare of the wolf, she fixed her gaze on his face. Her heart beat quickened. She swallowed hard past the lump in her throat as he brushed his lips across her cheek.

“I promise I will not let you fall in this place.” He breathed the words against her skin and in her ear. Panic set in and she wedged her arms between them. Prepared for a fight, she only managed a twitch, nothing more than a tightening of her muscles.

As if he anticipated her reaction, Anton stepped out of her personal space apologetically, the hungry spark missing from his eyes. She immediately regretted her action. No man, aside from her four-year-old nephew, had ever made her second-guess her decisions. Who was this man? Why did she want to fix her fucked-up past just to see him smile?

“Don’t you trust me?”

Frowning, Danika gazed into his soft green eyes. “I don’t know you.”

He swallowed and she watched, entranced by the undulating muscles close enough to touch. Was this what love felt like?

What is wrong with you, Nika? She shoved her trembling hands into her pockets if only to resist the urge to act on this strange connection between them. Her gaze dropped to the floor in an act of self-preservation. The foreign sensation melting her jaded heart terrified her.

Love. Who was she kidding?

Copyright © 2017 Tessa McFionn, All rights reserved.

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