April news and new contest!
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Patience is a virtue...

I apologize for being a little late this month. I blame WonderCon. Some of you may have a vague idea that I am quite the nerd, and I was lucky enough to spend March 31 - April 2 in Anaheim with my geeky tribe. 

So much news to share. But first, the winner of last month's contest is:

Lori Ann Louder!

Congrats and be looking for a surprise in your mailbox.

I have signed a contract with Fiery Seas Publishing! So, hopefully sometime soon, I will specifics on release information on my sci-fi trilogy.

Thank you all for continued and never-ending support.

Keep your eyes peeled for news of the Seventh Quadrant of the Dantaran Galaxy!

No, this is no April Fool's gag, but I do love to laugh. So, for the month of trickers, I am looking for some laughs. Find the funniest way to spread the word about my books, snap a pic, and post it! Sneak bookmarks onto your co-workers desk. Set your dog in front of your Kindle. The sillier, the better. 

And as always, winner will receive a swag pack of wonderful goodies. Be sure to tag me in your pictures so I know who's playing!
Attention all Southern California fans!

Set your calendars for the annual LA Times Festival of Books, one of the largest events book fairs south of San Francisco. Sprawling across the campus of USC, yours truly will be signing on Saturday, April 22 starting at high noon. 

So, who's hungry for another taste of Book Four?
Danika Callaghan was never good at being a girl. Growing up in South Boston, she learned to scrap before she learned to read. But her fighting skills would be put to the test when she finds her dreams invaded.
Danika fought against her anxiety and kept her gaze on the growing shadow. An eerie crimson glow flared in the spot where normal people had their eyes. Chills marched up her arms as the Hulk from the other night stepped into the light.

“Bloody fucking hell.” She breathed out in disbelief.

She didn’t get a chance to really get a good look at his face, but she would never forget those inhuman orange eyes. His wavy blonde hair and tanned bare chest said slacker surfer while his loping gait screamed psycho killer. Expensive black slacks hung low on his hips, the top button undone. The guy was well built, she would give him that.

But whereas Anton hidden strength made her feel safe, this asshole seemed only to terrify and dominate her with this egotistical show of power.

He must have missed the memo that she was a Southie girl.

And we don't scare that easily, she mused. Her frozen body might freak her out, but she would be damned if she was going to let this piece of shit control her. If this was her dream, things were about to turn in her favor.

A pompous sneer spread across his regal face as if her fearful recognition pleased him.

"How sweet. You remember me."

"I also remember kicking your sorry ass. How does that sit with you?"

This is my dream. She repeated the words again in her head and with nothing more than a thought, she relaxed and stood tall.

The smirk across from her slipped a notch or two, his eyes flashing with deadly intent.

"Impressive, ma petite. But can you be so sure of yourself in my world?"

His world? Damn, the ego on this guy.

She hesitated, glancing around at the forms in the surrounding gray. She never had a dream feel so real before, but she knew enough to realize this wasn't anywhere in Boston.

He stalked closer, circling around her like a shark. Fear would be blood in the water so she buried it deep under layers of bravado and a touch of courage.

"Bring it on, fucker."

She didn't see him move but a power backhand connected with her cheek. She spun sideways, opting to use the forceful blow as a catalyst for her own attack. Pulling her arms into a tight guard, she swung her leg up. Her high arching roundhouse kick slammed into his head and he flew off his feet.

Elbows tucked in close, she bounced on the balls of her feet, her gaze never wavering from her opponent. Rage poured off him and set the hairs on her arm on stand at attention. Even as her jaw ached, she managed to tug one corner of her mouth up. She glared over the tops of her knuckles, ignoring the trickle of blood dribbling off her chin.

"I didn't piss you off, did I?"

He snapped his feral eyes up at her and she sailed across the room. Her body crashed into a wall that wasn't there a second ago and she crumbled to the ground. Pain fired through her entire being and still she didn't wake up.

Shit. Not good.

A pair of hands yanked her to her feet and shoved the side of her face against the solid backdrop. She bucked and kicked out, hoping to connect with some dangly bits. When his bare chest pressed against her exposed shoulder blades, she slipped into full-on panic mode. Squeezing her eyes shut, she struggled to slide her arms between her and the wall. If she could get a couple decent inches, she might be able to strike.

His breath blew hot against her cheek as he leaned in terrifying close.

"You will soon learn, my pet, it's not wise to piss me off."

See you in May and keep believing in magic!

Copyright © 2017 Tessa McFionn, All rights reserved.

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