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Sparking Innovation and Networking Among Trainers


On December 1, 2016, 45 trainers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) came together to share best practices and improve their teaching techniques. The summit, co-sponsored by WDI, brought together trainers from every IBEW local across New York State. This full day summit began with an introductory ice breaker that was used to help the trainers get to know one another. Next, a keynote address was provided by Jane Thompson, Director of Apprenticeship, NYS Department of Labor. The day also included workshops on diversity and integrating millennials into apprenticeship programs. During the session on diversity, role playing was used to help trainers understand the perspectives of those from different backgrounds and cultures. In addition, the trainers discussed curriculum, practices for reviewing homework, and other tips for improving course instruction. There were also workshops that focused on training equipment and facilities, the structure of training programs, the use of mentors, and the latest technology being applied in the electrical field.


Stitching Together Jobs, Growth and Brighter Futures

(Putnam County)

Addiction’s cruelty can tear up, break down, and splinter apart a once-healthy life. The long, tough climb back to sobriety cannot be done alone. Overcoming addiction requires discipline. It requires support. And it requires the right kind of helping hands with two crucial ingredients for rebuilding a life: hope and purpose.

Enter Unshattered.

Unshattered is the social enterprise partner of the Walter Hoving Home (WHH), located in Garrison, Putnam County, New York. WHH provides recovery and addiction treatment services for women. 

The hybrid Unshattered program provides life and job skills as well as employment through structured, production-focused training. Through the manufacture of handbags and other textile products out of repurposed items, women develop their skills in sewing, textiles, marketing, and project management.


Staff Training Leads to Diversification and Growth at Precision Systems Manufacturing, Inc.

(Onondaga County)

A trend that WDI is seeing with increasing frequency is a concerted effort by NYS manufacturers to diversify product lines so that companies are less susceptible to downturns in specific industries or sectors. Precision Systems Manufacturing (PSMI) in Liverpool NY, under new management, has taken several deliberate steps in this direction with marked success.

PSMI is a contract manufacturing facility that provides a number of services including CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal/Laser Cutting, Welding/Fabrication, Special Machine Design and Build, Electromechanical Assembly, and General Machining. A few years ago the military market represented a sizable portion of PSMI’s business, and so the company was adversely effected by military defense cuts. In 2014 the company was sold to new owners, who have prioritized investments in staff as a mechanism to diversify and grow.



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Workforce Support


Child Care Costs a Crisis for Working Families

Child care is a significant workforce and economic issue that has lately been receiving the national policy attention it deserves. 65% of children under the age of 6 currently have all available parents in the workforce. Challenges related to child care can interfere with employees being able to find, keep, or advance in gainful employment. On the employer side, child care absences result in poor time and attendance by employees, lost productivity or compromised talent pools. Employee absenteeism as the result of child care breakdowns cost U.S. businesses in excess of $3 billion every year.
An adequate supply of affordable, quality, licensed infant care in the U.S. is hard for many parents to find. The truth is that child care, particularly infant care, is an expensive, low-profit business model, with high labor costs due to critical child/staff ratios. At the same time, wages are much lower for child care staff than other teachers, while at the same time that their educational requirements continue to increase.
Parents cannot afford to subsidize the true cost of this industry by paying higher prices. Parents in the U.S. pay, on average, $9,589 a year for full-time care of children from birth to age 4. This is greater than the cost of a year’s tuition at most state universities and colleges.
The Workforce Development Institute’s Child Care Subsidy Program provides assistance towards the significant cost of child care for hard-working families in eight New York State counties. Even in the eight counties where we have funding, however, we are able to provide assistance to less than 1% of eligible families.
WDI recognizes this as an enormous economic and workforce issue in New York State and all across the U.S. Over the past six months, we have begun to examine how WDI as an organization can help drive a deeper dialogue and action around this critical workforce issue. You will hear more from us on this subject in the coming months.

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Workforce Enrichment


2017 Women Working Calendar Available

WDI released the 2017 Women Working Calendar at an event at NYSUT on November 30th. This annual calendar honors New York State women in the labor movement who have made significant contributions to their unions, workplaces and communities. To obtain a calendar (or multiples), contact Wanda Parsons at

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