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Newsletter - Issue 4
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After Osaka...

The 4th INTR Meeting in Osaka was a tremendous success! We saw presentations of twin studies on a variety of diseases and conditions, discussions on best practices of twin registries and new ideas for taking out collaboration even further. Working groups were established for Innovation and Communication, Novel Funders, Industry Engagement, Biospecimens and Scientific Outreach. Lets keep up with momentum!

New ideas for collaboration

Fibromyalgia study - We are currently supporting a global study led by Associate Professor Victoria Menzies and colleagues from the Virginia Commonwealth University (USA), aiming at identifying differences in epigenetic and chromosomal instability values between MZ co-twins discordant and concordant for Fibromyalgia, complete symptom phenotyping for the discordant & concordant MZ co-twins and evaluating the relationship between acquired epigenetic and/or chromosomal instability values and the presence/severity of symptoms to identify potential predictive biomarker associations. If any researcher, twin registry or study could collaborate by potentially inviting new twin pairs to the study, please email us at

Atrial Fibrilation Study - Prof Diane Fatkin at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) and Dr Katrina Scurrah (University of Melbourne) are conducting a research study to gain a better understanding of the genetic changes that can predispose to AF and to look at interactions between genetic and environmental factors contributing to increased AF risk. For this study, they need the participation of identical or non-identical twin pairs where one or both of the twins have documented AF.  Information is required about AF status, clinical risk factors for AF, family history, and if available, electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiography results. If any researcher, twin registry or study could collaborate by potentially inviting new twin pairs to the study, please email Diante at

Worldwide Twins is being transformed into an online platform to support and facilitate global twin studies and to promote research findings and the benefits of twin research to the whole society. We have set up social media channels and are currently working on redesigning our website. It will be a collaborative environment led by early career researchers and professionals. If you want to be part of this exciting new project please email Lucas Calais Ferreira at

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