HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 
Registration Deadline Extended to 20 Feb 2016

HKDA 環球設計大獎 2016   

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Good News! 好消息!
40th Anniversary Celebration
Registration Deadline Extended to 20 Feb 2016


20 February 2016 - another date to reinforce GDA’s 40th anniversary. Counting from today, it is exactly another 40 days away from our GDA judging session! Isn’t great to credit yourself with our world-class panel of 14 judges in the design industry? Here’s the way to do it globally: show us your works by submitting your design entries to our Online Registration System.

2016年2月20日 — 另一個強調GDA四十周年的日子,因為今日的宣布距離GDA評審大會的日子剛好又是40日!能夠得到我們設計界世界級的14位評審肯定不是很難得嗎?現在有一個大好機會讓你的設計面向世界:透過我們的網上登記平台提交作品展示你的設計。

As we have been receiving an overwhelming number of entries for GDA 2016, in order to ease the online traffic and process incoming submissions, we are very pleased to announce the registration deadline for GDA 2016 will be extended from 31 January 2016 to 20 February 2016 (Sat).

由於我們收到大量GDA 2016參賽者提交的作品,為了抒緩網上登記的負荷和處理未來的登記,我們非常高興宣布GDA 2016的登記截止日期將由原來的2016年1月31日順延至2016年2月20日(星期六)

“Push Your Limits  
Shine Overnight”
Special Registration Offer

Entries for the Awards close on 31 January 2016. From 1 January 2016 onwards, interested entrants may reach out to  GDA 2016 partners and supporting organisations for a special registration rate. For a list of  GDA 2016 partners and supporting organisations, please visit the “Acknowledgements” section of our webpage.

「挑戰夜限 一念成名

GDA2016截止登記及提交作品日期為2016年1月31日。於2016年1月1日起,有意參賽者可通過其他合作伙伴及支持機構取得特別登記優惠。請瀏覽我們的官方網頁「贊助及鳴謝」部份查閱GDA 2016之合作伙伴及支持機構名單。

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