"Flow with whatever happens and let your mind be free.
Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.
This is the ultimate."
-Zhuang Zi, Daoist mystic
To all of our Den friends,

How has your year been so far? It seems to be a wild ride for a lot of people, and still let’s all remember, this too shall pass and it only gets better!

We here at the Dragon's Den continue to serve our Maui community and are now expanding our product selection online so that you can get the highest quality products with ease.

We have found a way to get 3rd party testing on many of the nutraceutical products in today’s health marketplace. We’re doing this to ensure that all our products are top quality, contain the accurate nutritional amounts listed on the label, and are made from the purest ingredients available. You’ll find new products on our shelves as we will no longer carry products from companies that skimp on quality and falsify their labels.

It’s a work in progress as we continue to do our best to serve you, our community.

If you haven't yet, please give our website a visit! Also, is a great resource full of information about health and wellness. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and as always, we are here to help.

Think not, love more, just Be. 
The Dragon's Den Herb Shop team

Happy Chinese New Year! 

The Year of the Metal Ox begins on
Friday, February 12th, 2021! 

Some Winter Advice...

Some Winter Advice…
During the winter season, please stay healthy, happy, and living in gratitude. Let’s live every day of our lives to the fullest.

Our recommendation is to keep the immune system strong at this time. 

Get enough sleep, exercise daily, drink plenty of warm water, take long, slow, deep breaths, relax, maintain a positive attitude and be of service. 

Warm Ginger Lemon Honey Tea is always good to have on the stove for drinking, the Chinese herbal product Gan Mao Ling is preventative and remedial for the common cold, and the Chinese herbal product Chuan Xin Lian is helpful for sore throats and building the immune system.

The Dragon's Den immune tonic tea is a nice tea to have on hand. Using a comprehensive Mushroom blend as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and an Astragalus herbal formula will give your immune system the extra boost needed.
Oscillococcinum by Boiron is a great product for the first sign of imbalance. 

New Product Alert!

Ditch your coffee addiction with our newest offering: 
Herbal Coffee! 

This mixture, which we call "The Dragon's Brew Herbal Coffee" is made with Roasted Dandelion rt., Roasted Chicory rt., Reishi, Ashwagandha, Cacao Nibs, and Cinnamon. This formula has much less caffeine than your average cup of coffee and has a delightful flavor! It tastes just like coffee.

Available in the Dragon's Den Herb Shop. 
*Clinical Pearls*

What You Need To Know About Calcium Supplements

Not all Calcium salts contain the same amount of elemental Calcium.
Elemental Calcium is the amount of calcium actually absorbed by the body.
All calcium is absorbed more easily if taken with meals. 

Best Calcium Supplements
-Calcium citrate - Well absorbed and tolerated by most people. Has been proven to help bone density. Citrate may help prevent kidney stones. 

-Calcium orotate - Very effective form of calcium supplement. It is the primary mineral for the making of bones and teeth and supports cellular communication. 

Good Calcium Supplements
-Calcium phosphate - Least likely to cause constipation, has a small percentage of elemental calcium. 

-Calcium citrate malate - Water-soluble form of calcium, with a high level of bioavailability. Good choice if money is an issue. 

Not-so-good Calcium Supplements (for human consumption, but good for the garden).
Oyster shell, bone meal, and dolomite calcium - Found to show unacceptable levels of heavy metals including lead. Will cause calcium deposits in humans, but really good for the garden.

Signs You May Have Parasites

People de-worm their dogs, cats, and horses – have you de-wormed yourself, your children?
Let's face it, parasites aren't a pleasant topic to discuss. However, when it comes to optimal health and wellness, it is best to be aware that at some point these creepy crawlers may be affecting your overall health, especially when there are strange signs and symptoms that are seemingly undiagnosable. 

Here are some signs that you may have parasites: 

1. Unexplained digestive symptoms: IBS, constipation, diarrhea, gas, poor digestion, past food poisoning incident. 
2. Recent travel out of your home country and/or traveler's diarrhea. 
3. Insomnia, either falling asleep or staying asleep
4. Skin problems: Rashes, hives, foot fungus, rosacea, eczema, itchy skin
5. Grinding teeth in your sleep
7. Aches and pains in muscles and joints
8. Fatigue, depression, low energy
9. Dark circles under the eyes, anemia
10. Foul-smelling stool and itchy bum
11. Cravings for sweets

Children, the elderly, and those living in a damp, humid tropical environment are more likely to be infected. 

Build your immune system with the recommendations below: 

Food program:
Include in the diet extra garlic, pumpkin seeds, and papaya seeds.

Avoid all sugars, processed foods, yeasted foods and refined carbohydrates such as breads, cookies, cereals, wheat pasta, etc. Avoid alcohol, dairy (milk products), wheat/gluten, pork, red meats, sushi, dried fruits, peanuts, and cheeses. 

To help the body eliminate the bugs: 

Herbs: Clove, black walnut, wormwood, mimosa pudica, thyme, and sage. Berberine-containing herbs such as goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape root, and goldenthread are recommended.

Recommended supplements: A bowel fiber mix, probiotics, caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract added to water, oregano oil, silymarin (milk thistle) and a comprehensive mushroom blend. Parasites may also be due to an HCL or pancreatic enzymes deficiency, so 1,000 mg. of pancreatic enzymes taken 15 minutes before meals is recommended. If unable to use Berberine-containing herbs, use Berberine supplement: 500 mg twice daily (or 5-10 mg for every 2 pounds of body weight). Lipotropic factors are compounds that help promote the flow of bile and fat to and from the liver and are also recommended.

Homeopathic remedies: Cina, Sulphur, and Nat Phos. 

Topicals: Essential oils like Tansy and Thyme. Also, the Chinese Topical Formula Hua Tuo Xian Gao cream, vitamin C serum, and Pur03 ozone gel.  

Therapies: Coffee enemas, colonic therapies, oxygen therapies, and infrared sauna usage. 

Keep a clean, hygienic space and keep towels, sheets, blankets, and clothing clean. Wash your hands and wash produce as well. You may want to lightly cook produce. 

If you suspect you have parasites, we recommend to do the research and make an appointment with a professional health care provider. The Dragon’s Den Herb Shop associates are able to help point you in the right direction with any supplements, herbs, and other therapies listed here.
The Herb Oregano is a helpful ally against parasites and other microorganisms. 
Did you know?
We make a 'Tea of the Day' every day at the Dragon's Den!
We are also able to make you a cup of tea with any of the teas or tea blends we have in bulk.
With the Chinese New Year upon us, now is a great time to embrace the changes of the previous year and set our pace forward. Here is a list of classes that Malik Cotter plans on offering this spring.
(Dates and times to be announced)

*A day-long workshop on Medical Qi gong
*A Qi practice class focusing on Tai qi and Qi gong
*A Men's Group offering practical health and lifestyle tips for men
*An Herbal Adaptogen class
*A class on alternative healing modalities - Guasha, Moxa, Cupping, and more.

More info to come. Is there a course you'd like to see being taught?
We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions!
Questions, Comments, Suggestions
For more information on Malik Cotter, please visit his website at
"Data into information,
Information into knowledge,
Knowledge into wisdom."
-Neil Degrasse Tyson
Mahalo (thank you) for reading!
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