2016 The State of The CoC
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2016 State of The CoC

2016 State of The CoC

Let me start off by thanking every single one of you. It's because of you, our amazing members, that the CoC has become the incredible community we all call home.

A Look Back

In 2016, the CoC saw an incredible rate of growth - in membership, follower counts, member activity, member support, and member interaction. Over the last year, the main CoC blog on Tumblr has nearly doubled its total number of followers, from 47,000 to almost 84,000 along with a huge increase in post activity, both likes and reblogs. Our following on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks has enjoyed similar growth and it's all thanks to you. Every reblog, retweet, and mention has the potential to reach and introduce new people to the ideas and values of the CoC and I firmly believe that our rate of growth has been directly due to how much all of you share our content.

A Few Special Thank You

In April of 2016, we introduced the newest member of the CoC Clergy, Priestess Emilija. Since then, Emilija has become an invaluable member of the CoC, the group chat, and a close friend to myself and countless other members. I receive messages from members almost every week singing praises of her kindness, support, understanding, and guidance and I'm personally incredibly thankful to her for her continued work with members in the group chat and her contributions to the newsletter, and to the CoC in general.

In 2016, the number of CoC Supporters (members who are making regular monthly or yearly contributions) more than quadrupled and I want to extend my deepest thanks to each of you and to everyone who’s sent us one-time donations or purchased items from our website or the CoC Store. Your belief in the community and continued support fills me with hope and pride.

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to CoC chat member @maartyl for designing the CoC Group Chat's Discord Bot, who helps automate certain functions and keeps the chat interesting with topics and official CoC posters. And speaking of the group chat...

The CoC Group Chat

There is so much to say about the wonderful group of people who make up the CoC Group Chat. Each and every one of you has my sincerest thanks and gratitude.

The CoC Group Chat has grown by leaps and bounds this year, becoming a second home for many of you .. and much of that is thanks to our incredible team of Moderators - Beccara, Alice, & Angela, who help maintain a safe, fun, and inviting environment for all CoC members. All three of you have my eternal gratitude for the amazing work you do.

This year we added #trans_chat for our transgender members to have a place to discuss issues important to them. And this year, we're adding another room specifically for our Gay and Bi members. If you're a regular in the chat, look for #gay-bi_chat next time you log on.

The CoC Store

The CoC Store also grew this year, adding new designs for members and non-members alike and a great number of you have taken advantage of that and made many purchases, raising over $300 for the CoC. And for that, you have our eternal thanks and gratitude.

2016 Charitable Donations

Thanks to our CoC Supporters and everyone who's made purchases from the CoC website and Store, we raised enough money to make 2 anonymous donations to Trevor Project this year totaling $150, which has gone towards providing housing and support services to transgender youths across the US. We're very proud of that.

Looking forward ... 2017

Moving into 2017, we have some big plans and goals...

More Content

This year, we plan to increase the amount of content we create.. going beyond posters published on the blog. We're planning a series of short videos and eBooks focused on the core ideas and values of the CoC. The videos will serve as a source of encouragement as well as an introduction to the CoC for non-members, while the eBooks will be focused on education and instructional content.

We're also planning a variety of new printable content such as posters, brochures, and pamphlets for current members to share to help drive new membership and give potential members an idea of who we are and what we're really about.


I'm planning to increase the CoC's yearly charitable donations to include two more charities or foundations that we feel are doing work consistent with the CoC's core values. Over the next couple months, I'll be meeting with CoC Clergy and Supporters to pick at least three different charities for the CoC to fundraise for. Throughout the year, we'll be donating a full one-third of all CoC income between them. This will include one-time donations, regular contributions, paid downloads, and store purchases. One-third of every penny raised, donated, and received will go towards those three charities.


One of the goals we missed last year was holding an official Fundraiser for the CoC to raise money specifically for helping the CoC continue to grow. We'll be providing more details about that through the newsletter in the coming months ahead.

How You Can Help

I get several messages each month from members asking how they can participate and help the CoC grow and become stronger.. and in reality, there's no one perfect solution for everyone.

The easiest way to help support the CoC is to simply share our content across your blog, social networks, and contacts. Especially promotional posts for the CoC Store. We have a lot of items in the store that can appeal to non-members and sharing our promotional posts puts those items in front of more people who, while not particularly interested in the CoC, might love wearing one of our shirts.. and that helps us a lot.

But most importantly, promote our ideas and values in your daily life. Live your life to the fullest, actively and in accordance with the values and ideas of our core doctrine. Do everything in your power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure and well-being for everyone. We believe everyone who seeks a more peaceful and pleasurable future for all can be a missionary for the CoC.

In Closing...

The Church of Cock began in 2013 as a small personal blog exploring my interest in a more serious approach to cock worship and in three short years, it has grown into an amazing community of thousands living in every corner of every country in the world. I'm regularly overwhelmed by the support I receive, the unwavering kindness and support I see each of you giving to each other, and the sheer amount of pride I feel watching this community continue to grow, beyond all expectations, into a powerful force for love, peace, compassion, and pleasure. You are all, truly, a force of Bliss.

With sincerest love,
- GP

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The CoC relies on member contributions. If you find value in any of the services we provide (Daily encouragement through our CoC Posters or blog, Group Chat, The CoC Store, etc.), please consider giving a little back to help our wonderful community grow. Your contributions go towards adding new services and helping the CoC expand to reach new hearts and minds. Even $1 a month goes a very long way.
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