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May 2017
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May 30th, 2017 - Austin, Texas. . .




Just Released... UFOs: Reframing the Debate - Edited by Robbie Graham

Not the book of the week as it's already held that spot before and we hope it will act as a long-term catalyzer for deep thought on the subject, but... 

The new anthology with contributions from myself and more than a dozen other UFO writers is now available to the public: Amazon-Smile Program.

[Buy books through Amazon's SMILE Program and Support the Anomaly Archives]

Robbie and Greg just appeared on Coast to Coast AM with host George Knapp and had a long discussion about the state of UFO research in the context of the just released anthology. Greg and Robbie also discuss the book and the need for new thinking on UFOs on Greg's wedradio show. You can listen to that book-talk show at Greg's Radio Misterioso website (MP3 podcast archive).

Greg also recently interviewed UFOs: Reframing the Debate contributor, MJ Banias and did a panel discussion show about the new alien film, "Arrival" (with lots of spoilers) featuring Debate contributors, MJ BaniasJoshua CutchinRed Pill Junkie, and Ryan SpragueIs “Arrival” The Perfect Alien Movie?

Some other news-of-note includes...

DramaRama in the UFO-Scene: MUFON State Director, John Ventre, demoted after public and membership outcry over his racially charged social media rant. Following a wave of complaints to MUFON about his personal public behavior the organization's Executive Director issued a public statement: MUFON reaction to recent social media postings.

The statement caused another wave of criticism starting, as one would expect, within the comments section of the public response posting. Several comments were deleted before ALL of the replies were deleted and the comments section was closed. 

Among the noteworthy responses to this situation:

​Nick Redfern announced his withdrawal from all things to do with MUFON.

“Some of you may have seen all the controversy surrounding MUFON this past week or thereabouts. As a result of all this outrageous crap, I have told MUFON that I will no longer be writing my monthly column for their magazine, and I have severed ties with them. Period.”  – Nick Redfern

James E Clarkson, MUFON Washington State Section Director issued his own public statement condemning Ventre's rant and expressing solidarity with respect and non-discrimination.

North Carolina MUFON co-founder William Senter also expressed disapproval for the organization's response to the situation and appears to be leaving the organization until a more appropriate response occurs.

Mark O'Connell, formerly an active MUFON investigator but also an open-minded critic of the organization has severed his ties with them over this series of incidents: UFO Fever.

Race Hobbs, Program Director of the KGRA Digital Broadcasting Station said, "after 10 years of service to the organization of MUFON, I have tendered my resignation... MUFON UFO Radio has been removed from the KGRA Roster."

MUFON's Director of Experiencer Research, Kathleen Marden, has expressed her position and is taking a stand against intolerance and contemplating her next move with regard to the organization. You can read her statements and the follow-up in Mike Clelland's post: Public relations nightmare at MUFON with Statement from Kathleen Marden.

Mr. Ventre has been removed from several upcoming speaking engagements, had his community access television show cancelled, and been demoted from State Section Director to state treasurer and event coordinator. Ventre remains listed among MUFON's "Inner Circle" for, "donating in excess of $5,000 in a single donation."

 - MEANWHILE: "It is happening, again."

25 years after America was exposed to the Twin Peaksian Universe...

David Lynch's surreal Twin Peaks tv series is back with a vengeance, causing much discussion about this over-the-top oddball story that features Secret Societies, Mysterious Entities Feeding Off Humanity's Pain & Sorrow, Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking & Sexploitation, Strange Premonitions & Visions, Uncanny Owls, UFOs & Blue Book and the Precursor to the X-Files... FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole's "Blue Rose Cases."

Back in 2007 and 2008 I wrote a couple of articles about these aspects as an entre for those interested in delving more deeply into the shadowy underbelly of David Lynch's Twin Peaks / Fire Walk With Me surrealities:

“My Dream is a Code Waiting to Be Broken.
Break the Code, Solve the Crime.”

– FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

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This week's book focus falls on another from the Bob Girard Collection dealing with one of his apparent favorite topics: South American archaeological mysteries implying alternative 

Check out our Book-of-the-Week below!

See y'all next issue!
SMiles Lewis / Founder


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Book of the Week...

Inscripções e Tradições da America PreHistorica, Especialmente do Brasil 
por (Bernardo) B. A. da Silva Ramos, Amazonas Manaos

Inscriptions and traditions of America prehistoric, especially in Brazil
by (Bernardo) B. A. da Silva Ramos

"This book is on the discoveries of ancient Phoenician and other scripts on tablets in the Amazon Basin and elsewhere in South America. Originally considered rubbish by most, more discoveries have led many to believe that the presence of ancient, Old World civilizations in the New World is probable."





  • Fenício no Brasil...Chegaram antes dos Portugueses



  • Minas Gerais - Vestígios de um passado: Cidades e povos perdidos do Brasil - 2ª PARTE, by J. A. FONSECA*, Março/2013


Book Page at Anomaly Archives...
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