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Week of May 29th
, 2018
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May 29th, 2018 - Austin, Texas

Greetings everyone!

It's taken me even longer than usual to get this latest newsletter "out the door" and into your inbox. We've been hard at work unpacking the books onto our new shelves and moving more of the remaining materials from our off-site locations over into our new location. We've had our first board meeting in the new space and added a new Advisory Board member - more on that soon.

At the end of last month, between the previous eNews issue and this one, I took a vacation to the 3rd annual ParaMania UnConference in New Orleans and met up with broadcasters / podcasters Tim Binnall and Greg Bishop, as well as researchers / writers Joshua Cutchin and Kenn Thomas while also seeing a gaggle of dear para-interested UFOlk friends, including artist and writer RPJ aka Red Pill Junkie. At the end of that celebration, Tim Binnall did a live webcast saying farewell to his Binnall-of-America interview podcast formula that he'd been conducting since 2005. Check out the archived podcast and reflective article here: 

Meanwhile, we are getting very excited about hosting an Open House event in the near future. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our new location in the heart of Austin, just South East of downtown and just North of Lady Bird Lake (the Colorado River):

55 North IH-35 (Frontage Road), Suite 260, Austin, Texas 78702


New OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

COMING SOON!  We have a new online catalog that will prove very helpful to all. You can take a peak at what it will be like by going here:

Nearly a decade ago we experimented with the services of and we recently rediscovered them and there new TinyCat online catalog service. The version of the collection you see there is a kind of snapshot of the Anomaly Archives' collection circa 2009. We are in the process of updating it to include our thousands of books and magazines that we've added in the decade since. You can go there now and get a sense of what it will be like... below are some screenshots of the main page and an individual book's sub-page. We'll tell you more about this new OPAC once it's been updated with our current collections holdings.
Screenshot of OPAC Landing Page

Screenshot of OPAC Book Page


Recently a friend invited me to do one of those Facebook lists: the "Seven Days, Seven Books" variety. Picking only 7 meaningful / important-to-me books was a fun challenge. These are by no means my "Ultimate Top 7" but they reflect the main range of interest I have and include some fiction but mostly non-fiction.

This issue's Book-of-the-Week choice is a fantastic and fun Fortean tome that I've been slowly reading this past year - taking my time to soak-in the truly bizarre story of Gef, the talking mongoose. Below are my seven selections from the aforementioned Facebook list...

SMiles’ 7 Days / 7 Books List

  • Day 1 – Neuromancer by William Gibson, Fortean
  • Day 2 – Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee
  • Day 3 – The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick
  • Day 4 – Cyberbiological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience edited by Dennis Stillings
  • Day 5 – Battle for the Mind: The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing and Thought Control by William Sargant 
  • Day 6 – Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson 
  • Day 7 – Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose by Christopher Josiffe


We're sharing a couple of videos in this issue ... first is a new YouTube archive of our very first Anomaly Archives eNews Podcasts produced back in 2005. The second is titled "Calling Occupants" and is a relaxed exploration of modern UFO Contact Culture featuring interviews with Grant Cameron, Stan Friedman and other notables.

Listen to all of our past (discontinued) podcast series at the link here:
Headline News Section
As usual, we have a ton of news links below in our Anomaly Headlines section ... sadly, there have been a number of people passing over, from the paranormal's most prolific writer, Brad Steiger, to one of the most controversial para-publishers, Adam Parfrey of Feral House publishing.

In the links below you'll find articles about the ongoing investigations into and revelations about the Pentagon's "UFO" program that contracted with billionaire Bob Bigelow's aerospace company (which is now tied to the To The Stars campaign run by DeLonge, Puthoff, Elizondo and others), plus news links about continuing controversies surrounding MUFON, many mainstream articles about Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Lake Monsters, Fortean Phenomena, Parapsychology Research, Library and Information Science, Magic and Technology and much more. All these great Anomaly News headline links can also be viewed via our Flipboard Magazine...

That's it for this edition of the eNews editorial.

 . . . 

Until next time... 

SMiles Lewis / Founder

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FLASHBACK: Anomaly Archives Podcast #1 - 2005


Anomaly Archives Podcast page

Watch Video on YouTube

"Calling Occupants" (A film by Mitch Fillion) YouTube

"A young man and his friends experiment with human-initiated contact techniques in an attempt to develop a peaceful relationship with extra-terrestrials. Along their journey, they attend an ET disclosure hearing in Brantford Ontario and interview the world’s top UFO researchers, abductees and lobbyists to find out the truth behind the UFO cover-up."

Watch Video on YouTube
Book of the Week...

Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose

by Christopher Josiffe

Gef is visible in the weeds in the lower right corner of the full cover.

“I am the fifth dimension! I am the eighth wonder of the world!”

"During the mid-1930s, British and overseas newspapers were full of incredible stories about Gef, a ‘talking mongoose’ or ‘man-weasel’ who had allegedly appeared in the home of the Irvings, a farming family in a remote district of the Isle of Man.

The creature was said to have the ability to talk in several languages, to sing, to steal objects from nearby farms and to eavesdrop on local people, such that they became uneasy at the farmer’s seeming ability to be able to tell them their most private goings-on.

Despite written reports, magazine articles and books, several photographs, fur samples and paw prints, voluminous correspondence and signed witness statements, there is still no consensus as to what was really happening to the Irving family.

Hoax? Mental illness? A poltergeist? The possession of an animal by an evil spirit? Now you can read all the evidence and decide for yourself.

Seven years’ research and interviews, photographs (many previously unseen), interviews with surviving witnesses, visits to the site – all are presented here in this new book, the first examination of the case for 70 years."

Here are some headlines of note for this week:

Book Culture & Reviews + Information Sciences: Archive, Library & Museum Headlines


Media & Movies


Consciousness & Parapsychology Headlines




CryptoZoology Goes Mainstream


Human Experimentation / MK-Ultra Survivors in the News


Recent ParaEvents


Misc Weird News & Fortean Phenomena Headlines


Electromagnetic / Sonic Attack Effects and Surveillance Tech Side-Effect


Conspiracy, Covert-Ops, Fraud and Deception


Other UFO Related Articles


Ancient Humanity


Conspiracy Beliefs


Anomaly Obits


JFK Assassination Document Dump


Paranormal Podcasting History


More Headlines...

Check out more news links at the 
[NOTE: Inclusion of news & event info is purely informational
and does not indicate endorsement.]
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