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Week of April 6th, 2016
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April 6th, 2016 - So I DID end up going to Dallas this past weekend for the ParaMania un-conference! A wonderful time was had by all. Because I was out of town I had very little time to work on this newsletter. Therefore it's little skimpier on the Anomalous Headlines this week.

In lieu of our usual number of news headlines, I'll opt for some brief descriptions of the ParaMania event in Dallas...

  • UnConference "a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events."

Back in September of 2015, a fan (Steve Ray) who frequently called into Greg Bishop's live Sunday-night Radio Misterioso show, began proposing an informal gathering in Dallas, Texas for past guests and current fans of the show to meetup in person. Then in early October, a special live dual-simulcast of Greg's Radio Misterioso and Tim Binnall's Binnall of America shows featured the official announcement of ParaMania. Also in October, I had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with Steve Ray at the 2015 Secret Space Conference held in Bastrop, Texas. [BTW - the organizers of that event are holding the next Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference at the same location May 28-29. Early Bird Registration is happening now.]

Micah Hanks & Greg Bishop

Organized as an "UnConference," this was a very small, intimate, FREE event designed to allow attendees to fraternize with radio show hosts Greg Bishop, Tim Binnall, and any and all past guests of the shows as well as fans of the shows - with a possible lecture or two from some of the notables. The name of the event was partly inspired by the WrestleMania event which was also occurring that weekend in Dallas (and to which our event host, Steve Ray, had invited to pay for tickets). As it turned out, other authors and radio/podcast show-hosts such as Joshua Cutchin (author of A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch) and Micah Hanks (host of various podcasts including The Gralien Report and author of such books as The UFO Singularity, The Ghost Rockets, The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting and others), Miguel Romero (aka Anomalist-Artist "Red Pill Junkie"), Tina Sena (whip-smart writer at BoARoejen Razorwire (Project Archivist podcast) AND OTHERS traveled to Texas for this event.

Folks who made the trek to Dallas enjoyed leisurely para-oriented tourist activities such as the obligatory trip to Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum that carries the torch of the official mainstream "Lone-Gunman" / "Oswald-Did-It" non-conspiracy. Attendees also took a trip to the nearby Aurora, Texas cemetery where Surprise Guest Jim Marrs regaled folks with the strange tale of that town's crashed UFO and buried alien body. Then later the true die-hards were treated to a special alien-themed party at a local "Castle / Mansion" featuring inflatable aliens, big green alien headed balloons, napkins with alien faces, etc. Local prolific writer / researcher Nick Redfern had hoped to attend but was unable to due to transportation difficulties.

The real meat of the weekend (for me at least) was the actual "UnConference" held at a nearby community recreation center close to the hotel. There we were regaled with brief lectures from Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Micah Hanks, and even our host Steve Ray. The festivities were MC'd by Tim Binnall and the atmosphere was fun and informal with lots of give and take between the presenters and the audience members. Audio, photos, and video of the presentations was recorded by many of those present and may be forthcoming. Some of the pictures are already online at the Facebook event page as well as lots of photos and videos at the personal pages of the attendee's. Check out my own Photo Gallery for ParaMania 2016 at the Anomaly Archives.

Greg Bishop gave a "Show & Tell" with personal anecdotes and photos from his recent excavations into his Excluded Middle magazine and Project Beta / Bennewitz research days. He spoke about his interactions with the Reverend Ivan Stang, Richard Metzger, Gabe Valdez, and the Mirage Men author and documentariens, as well as fellow zine-sceners who went to the infamous Texufornia Kook-Outs at which Greg once famously faked out his friends with a Ufaux sighting of our own. He also brought original hand-written correspondence between Paul Bennewitz and other UFO researchers!

Joshua Cutchin presented his A Trojan Feast lecture based on the research he published last year in his excellent book. Cutchin's material and presentation were excellent and reminded me of his and my appearance on Tim Beckley's Unraveling the Secrets show about a year ago. Check out his book!

Greg Bishop photographing Joshua Cutchin

Micah Hanks educated and entertained the attendees in his inimitable style. Hanks spoke about one of his more recent books which I'd been wondering about for some time... The Ghost Rockets: Mystery Missiles and Phantom Projectiles in our Skies.

Micah Hanks Gesticulates on Ghost Rockets

Last, but certainly not least, was a presentation by ParaMania Host, Steve Ray. Ray broke his silence on a years-long research project that he and another fan of Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso had been working on involving attempts to create / engineer synchronicities during Greg's radio show. A fascinating attempt at creating, categorizing, and cataloging meaningful coincidences!

Host Steve Ray on Creating Synchronicity within Radio Misterioso

Overall, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and the camaraderie was deep with many professing how inspired the event made them feel. Many have expressed a desire to hold more of these types of events in the near future and sequels seem inevitable ... ParaMania-2: Electric Boogaloo, Coming Soon!

For this issue's Book-of-the-Week I've selected the book I am currently reading which is Greg Bishop's latest: It Defies Language! Essays On UFOs And Other Weirdness.

See you next week!

SMiles Lewis / Founder
Book of the Week...
It Defies Language! Essays On UFOs And Other Weirdness
By Greg Bishop

"A collection of essays about the UFO subject and related phenomena. The first chapter discusses the U.S. Government's involvement along with the author's personal experiences with agents and military personnel. The text also includes historical perspectives on the subject, and theories and opinions on the current search for answers about UFOs from a viewpoint that is neither belief-based nor that of a doctrinaire skeptic. There are also entries about square craters on the Moon, black-eyed kids, and baseball games at Area 51."

Foreword by Nick Redfern.
Illustrated by "Red Pill Junkie."

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New Jersey

Saturday, April 9th

Hilton Garden Inn
800 Route 130
Hamilton, NJ 08690

Larry E. Arnold
Joanna Ebenstein
William V. Rauscher
Peter Robbins
Linda Zimmermann
‘The Art of Vision’ - Roundtable on Creativity and the Visual Arts
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Magic, Miracles, and the Paranormal in Religious Imaginaries
April 9th & 10th

Glickmann Conference
Center - CLA 1.302E

Sponsored by
Religious Studies at The University of Texas at Austin
Saturday, April 9th
Defining, "Magic," "Miracles," and the "Supernatural"
The Devils and the Details
The Supernatural in a Rational World: Ritual and Regulation
Keynote Speaker: Kelly Hayes - "Intergralactic Space-Time Travelers: Imagining the Otherworld in Brazil's Valley of the Dawn"

Sunday, April 10th
The G. Howard Miller Undergraduate Panel
Enchanting Media
Encountering the Supernatural
Keynote Speaker: Paul Mirecki - "Dream a Little Dream of Me: Dream Divination in Papyrus Kellis Coptic 7 [c.a. 350 CE]"

Magic, Miracles, and the Paranormal in Religious Imaginaries
Aurora Alien Encounter 

Aurora, Texas

Saturday April 23rd

Jim Marrs
Nick Redfern
Tui Snider
Noe Torres
Ken Cherry
... and other special guests (TBA)!

Keynote Lunch Speaker: 
Travis Walton
Event Page...
Arkansas Bigfoot Conference

Arkansas Primate Evidence Society
Saturday April 23rd

Vilonia Arkansas Municipal Building at 18 Bise Road. The cost is $10 for the day (9am to 6 pm) and you get your tickets at the door that day.
Event Page...
Charles Hall

San Antonio
Hilton Garden Inn

Thursday April 28th

Charles Hall claims many up close & personal contacts with extraterrestrial beings he calls “The Tall Whites” when he was stationed at an AFB in Nevada between 1965 and 1967.   
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