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Week of February 2nd, 2016
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February 2nd, 2016 - Welcome back to our new weekly email newsletter from the Anomaly Archives / Scientific Anomalies Institute in Austin, Texas. We're highlighting recent anomalous news, upcoming events, as well as books, magazines, and researchers of note.

Book of the Week: The Manna-Machine
This book from 1978 is one of many in our collection of Ancient Astronaut Theory books. The whimsical cover features an artist's recreation of the alleged "device" given to the Israelites (by God?) and which allegedly sustained them during their forty year journey in the Sinai Desert.

"Featured in Season One of Ancient Aliens ... Sassoon and Dale’s theory posits that a machine drew in moisture from the air and through some technological means was powered by a nuclear reactor (aka the Ark of the Covenant, a topic for another day). The machine then allegedly created some sort of algae-based food." -

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For this week, here are a few of the headlines that caught our attention:

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Scientists discover that our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields

" appears the brain may be using the fields to communicate without synaptic transmissions, gap junctions or diffusion." ...

According to the researchers, this is evidence that the propagation mechanism for the activity is consistent with the electrical field.

"The results indicate that electric fields (ephaptic effects) are capable of mediating propagation of self-regenerating neural waves," they write. ...

If their findings, which are reported in The Journal of Neuroscience, can be expounded in further studies, it could help us to better understand how brain waves are associated with things like memory, epilepsy, and healthy physiology.

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The Anomaly Archives holds monthly meetings (usually) on the Fourth Saturday of each month. Contact SMiles Lewis or Mark Muecke via email for updates. The meetings are FREE (Donations Welcomed!) and held from 1-3pm at the INACS / Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin. (Map)

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