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Week of February 8th, 2016
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February 8th, 2016 - Sadly, most archival work comes about as the result of the passing of other fellow seekers. This weekly newsletter will necessarily be regularly filled by news of the passing of various people of note in the wide variety of anomalous fields of inquiry covered by the Anomaly Archives. In our first weekly issue we noted the passing of Starman David Bowie. This week we pay homage to former astronaut, and founder of IONS (the Institute Of Noetic Science), Edgar Mitchell. The local Austin chapter of IONS is where many of our organization's board members originally met and the larger organization has been a point of inspiration for us over the years. After some recent changes to the local group, a new meetup has formed called ACE - Austin Consciousness Explorers.

New Age Paranormal UFO Conspiracy Cruise Industry Further Tarnished After EnvironMental Polluters Arrested...

Check out our latest Book-Of-The-Week below...
  • In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space by photographer Douglas Curran
     ... or watch the documentary adaptation of the book.

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 - SMiles Lewis / Founder

Book of the Week: In Advance of the Landing
Folk Concepts of Outer Space
by Douglas Curran
“Douglas Curran has rediscovered the New World – with its own religion and a tribe of credulous believers no less brave than the Cree or the Wampanoag. A not-ready-for-prime-time cult that makes up in fervor what it lacks in style. One that seems to worship equally Ray Walston and Stephen Hawking.”

Chris Carter, creator of “The X-Files”

Check out some more links about this book, including the documentary adaptation.
Here are a some other headlines of note for this week:
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Last week's episode of the X-Files was about Nicholas de Vere

Tracy Twyman "...was once associated publicly with a now-deceased writer named Nicholas de Vere (the full-length name he gave himself was “Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg”). He claimed to be the head of a secret society with an ancient lineage called “the Dragon Court,” and said that he himself was the foremost scion of a royal bloodline going back to praeterhuman creatures that pre-dated the Garden of Eden. He had a lengthy genealogy for himself drawn up that connected his lineage to virtually every important person in history, including biblical and mythological figures as well. De Vere seriously purported that his lineage made him super-human, a member of the “Dragon race,” and he would accept applications to his order from other people with lineage stemming from royal bloodlines that he claimed were part of the Dragon family. I was actually asked to join and even, for a time, lead the “Dragon Court,” and helped Nicholas de Vere to publish his first book explaining his claims: The Dragon Legacy. He had many fanatical followers who believed his claims, and I admit, I helped to promote them."

‘X-Files’ tips a (straw) hat to iconic ’70s TV character
by Eric Hegedus, February 1, 2016 -

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