"Strange Things are afoot... for 2020!"

"Realist Collage" vs "Realist Montage"
~ or Specialist Factual art ~
"The First Thanksgiving 1621"
 by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, c.1912-1915;
First published in 1932 (LoC)? Modified to include Sasquatch by artist unknown.

Seasons Greetings & Happy Holiday Festivities to all of our Anomalist, Fortean, and UFOlk friends and supporters from around the world. 

This issue signals a departure from our past approach to "weekly" installments of the Anomaly Archives eNewsletter. We've done this latest iteration of the eNews for over three years now. We're still going to be sending you anomalous emails but we'll be experimenting with some new ways of doing that in the coming months ... as we enter the ever liminal "Hindsight / MindSight" zone of the year 2020.

Things are shaping up to be very interesting next year for the Anomaly Archives. We hope to be making some big announcements soon about probable new monthly meetups, special cinema events, amazing lectures and much more.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for details about our upcoming Holiday Party that starts with special guest presenter, channeler Ruth L. Miller. This event is being cosponsored by the IONS Austin Community Group, INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies), and the Anomaly Archives. "Keep Top Eye Open" for the official announcement with all the details.

Psst ... It's happening Sunday, December 15th.

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We are so thankful to all of our supporters and hope you will enjoy this special Thanksgiving Video release of a past Anomaly Archives lecture by former military remote viewer, Paul Smith, on the intersection of two fascinating topics: UFOs and Remote Viewing. Enjoy... 

 - SMiles Lewis

The Anomaly Archives presents

Paul Smith "Remote Viewing UFOs: Pitfalls and Promise"

September 5th, 2016

Paul Smith
"Using one mystery to try to explain another: That’s what seems to be happening in the perpetual interplay between remote viewing (RV) and unidentified aerial phenomena–popularly known as UFOs–space aliens, and everything connected to them in the popular culture. This confluence of RV and UFOs goes back almost to the beginning of remote viewing itself, and not just the notorious, but some of the most prominent and respected members of the remote viewing community have indulged. Impossible to fully capture in one evening discussion, I nonetheless introduce you to the general outlines of the controversy, sketch for you the interrelationships of some of the main figures and their claims, show you some of the more provocative and interesting results, and explain the advantages and shortfalls of employing remote viewing to ferret out the truth of extraterrestrial visitation."
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