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Brief Information on the Party Executive Committee meeting of 3rd June 2017

Dear comrades,
central to the meeting of the Party Executive Committee on Saturday were the motions for amendments of the draft election programme.

We debated on the altogether 1223 submitted motions until early Sunday morning. Through full or part adoptions we clearly could reduce the number of motions. The estimated number of motions to be decided by the congress is still quite ambitious, considering the tight schedule, but manageable. The voting folder will be printed and put online today as well as handed out to the delegates in Hanover.

The PEC furthermore adopted a resolution on the decision of the great coalition regarding the implementation of an Infrastructure Society which is supposed to manage federal highways. It is an extortive and undemocratic procedure to connect the vote in Federal Council on the financial compensation of the federal states with the vote on the privatization of highways, despite these issues have nothing to do with each other. DIE LINKE opposes the privatization of public property on federal and state level.

After talks with the party chairs and prime candidates I presented the PEC with the communication strategy for federal elections 2017.

Brief Information on the Party Executive Committee meeting of 14th and 15th May 2017

Dear comrades,
It was so close. At the end of a great campaign of the comrades from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) a mere 8561 votes were missing to enter state parliament. On Monday, the Party Executive Committee thanked Özlem Alev Demirel and Christian Leye, who headed this campaign for us and did a great job.

Votes more than doubled: NRW is a good model for federal elections on 24th of September.

We have missed our goal to enter state parliament. Even though absolute votes for us doubled from 194,428 (2.6 percent) in 2012 to 414,496 votes (4.9 percent), we can only speak of an acceptable result. In some cities we achieved outstanding results; in Cologne and Bielefeld we even reached double-digit figures. However, as in Schleswig-Holstein, serious differences remain between city and countryside, between young and old. In all age groups up to 70 years we reached over five percent, but the results of the age group over 70 years altogether prevent us from entering state parliament. Considering the upcoming Bundestag elections it remains a challenge on the one hand to reinforce our strengths while on the other to counter the existing disparity so that we altogether succeed during elections.

Elections in NRW also demonstrate that the strategy of Minister President Hannelore Kraft and her Social Democrats to exclude DIE LINKE and rule out a possible coalition with us was sanctioned by the voters. For them it showed that a policy for social justice was excluded as well. In Schleswig-Holstein and NRW the Social Democrats declared us to be the main opponent – and lost dramatically. If Martin Schulz and the federal SPD conclude from the elections in spring to further flirt with the Liberals (FDP) they will soon be back to the party’s approval rates under former chair Gabriel.
We will use the upwards trend from Schleswig Holstein and NRW as backing for the federal election campaign. For us as DIE LINKE fighting for a policy change in autumn remains clear. It is plainer then ever: Only with a strong DIE LINKE there will be pressure for a social country.

State of preparations for federal election campaign

The PEC was presented with the state of preparations for the federal election campaign and debated it. Until mid June the campaign will be ready and presented to the public on 21st July.

Before that the Party Congress in Hanover is pending. Once more, the PEC discussed the motions that have been submitted so far. During the next meeting we will debate the amendments for the draft leading motion.
The Historical Committee was newly convened; many thanks to the members for the work done and the engagement in the upcoming years.

We welcome Lissy Bott, Noro Schlorke, Lucas Kannenberg, and Jakob Migenda as new federal spokespersons for the left youth “solid”. They reported from their federal congress, on membership development and plans for this year. Central will be the youth election campaign.

The PEC agreed on a declaration of solidarity with prisoners on hunger-strike in Palestine.


Brief Information on the Party Executive Committee meeting of 7th and 8th May 2017

Dear comrades,
On Monday the Party Executive Committee (PEC) received our top candidate and Land representative from Schleswig-Holstein, Marianne Kolter. A big „thank you” to both of our top candidates and to all the comrades who prepared the election campaign in Schleswig-Holstein. We could gain due to a good campaign based on our key issues.

Respectable results in Schleswig-Holstein.  Only 5 more days till the end of election campaign in NRW!

The arrow points upwards. With 3.8 percent (2012: 2.3 percent) our comrades from Schleswig-Holstein achieved a respectable result. While voter turnout increased, absolute votes for us almost doubled: from 29.868 votes at last Land parliamentary elections to 55.833 votes on Sunday. In Kiel, Flensburg and Lubeck, we gained well above 5 percent. In the case of first-time voters and voters under 34 years, we gained around 7 percent. This development is encouraging on the way to enter Land parliament in 2022.

We also want to get a better score at next Sunday’s elections in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia). Schleswig-Holstein has proven that the strategy of the Social Democrats to keep DIE LINKE out of state parliament does not prove successful and is ultimately playing into the Conservatives hands. Polls in NRW see us consistently above 5 percent. This is a good starting position but it will be a tight race. We again have to count on increasing voter turnout. It is therefore all the more important to reach as many people and potential voters as possible, especially  during the last week and the last 48 hours in order to reach the score predicted by surveys  or even higher. Now, until May the 14th it’s all about NRW. Together we will turn this election into a success!

The current party membership development is encouraging as well: 1722 new members have joined DIE LINKE only in the first quarter of 2017. NRW has a large share in this. Over 7000 comrades are now members of DIE LINKE in NRW. Congratulation!

The Party Executive Committee adopted a resolution on the outcome of the French presidential election: it is very gratifying that right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen could be prevented from becoming president of France. However, 34 percent of approval are a warning sing for France and Europe.
The 8th of May shall become a national holiday and memorial day. We have decided to include this requirement in our election programme for the Bundestag election.

The Party Executive Committee adopted a position on Turkish policy. Among others, we ask the German government to stop the cooperation with the coming Erdogan dictatorship and to support the "No" forces in Turkey instead. We say that no money must flow to Erdogan and the EU's pre-accession aid to the Turkish government has to be stopped. Secondly, the Bundeswehr must be withdrawn immediately and the construction of a tank factory by the German armament manufacture Rheinmetall must be stopped. Thirdly, the refugee deal with Turkey, which makes Europe and Germany vulnerable to blackmail, must be stopped and replaced by a fair and solidary system of refugee reception in the EU.

DIE LINKE supports the demonstration of remedy providers on the 24th of June 2017 in Berlin. We combine this with our health policy programme: health must not become a commodity and health care must be oriented towards the needs of people and not towards profit.

The Party Executive Committee is preparing the party congress in Hanover from 9th to 11th of June and found an agreement on the motions received so far. The allocation of delegates for the congresses as well as for the Federal Committee 2018 to 2019 was decided.

Hans Modrow reported from the Council of Elders, the detailed version of which can be found in the 2nd document for the Congress. The report of the EL among other things draws attention to current anti-NATO protest and to the upcoming EL summer university.

The 10th anniversary of DIE LINKE is coming: On the 16th of June, the Party Executive Committee will hold a festive event at 6:00 pm in front and inside of Volksbühne theater in Berlin. The event is open to the public.

The Party Executive Committee decided to continue the participation in the press and party festivals of the Portuguese Communist Party, the French Communist Party, The Communist Party of Spain, the Belgian Labour Party and the Communist Party of Austria in 2017.

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