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Fueling the next wave of clean energy
We sat down with Daniel O’Connell, an innovator with Plug Power, one of the world’s fastest-growing hydrogen companies.
The Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) is a global leader in sustainability education and research that partners with business and government sponsors to solve complex, systemic problems. This newsletter offers a look into what we’ve been up to over the past quarter with a focus on how recent projects have helped our partners to move forward on sustainability.
Our Blog
Lessons learned, tips, and advice for effective integration of sustainable innovation into business products and processes.
What is the circular economy?
The circular economy completely reimagines how we make and consume.
How to find a master’s program in sustainability that’s right for you
Cut your shortlist down to the programs that are best suited to your learning style and career goals.
Sustainability in Action
Discover how we're helping our partners identify innovative solutions that lower environmental impacts and deliver commercial success.
The REMADE Institute's bid to remake manufacturing for a sustainable future
The story behind the REMADE Institute and how it’s enabling American manufacturing’s transition to the circular economy.
How a new restaurant-led effort could take wasted food off the menu
A group of eight restaurateurs launched a unique, restaurant-led initiative designed by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I).
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Research Publications
Has California's plan to ban gas-powered cars in 2035 inspired you to buy a sustainable vehicle (battery/hydrogen-powered)?

a) Yes, it made me think seriously about buying a sustainable vehicle for the first time.
b) Somewhat. I was thinking about buying one, but now I definitely will.
c) I already drive a sustainable vehicle.
d) No, I don’t intend to purchase a sustainable vehicle.
Student Research Spotlight

Morgan Apperson, Sustainability Ph.D. – Class of 2024
As an undergraduate student at New Mexico Highlands University, Morgan became intrigued by the role of chemistry in the solutions to many of our sustainability problems. As part of the GIS doctoral program, Morgan is researching solar fuels and how they can be used to mitigate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Her vision is to create a place where people have access to environmentally sustainable projects and get inspired and excited about progressive change.
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