Looking back on 2015 and forward to 2016.
Continuously searching for rays through the world;
looking, shooting, drawing and creating.
High tide, low tide, east, west; in flux.
Warm regards from Seoul, Willem
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628, 819 & Atrium at Hilton Schiphol

Slow shutter speed.

The construction of the new Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Airport was photographed from room 819 in the adjacent old hotel. Thousands of telezoom details were collected and used to build up the large and rich composition. The hole in the ground, the foundations, the steel columns and facade are simultaneously visible.
The higher we look, the further the construction has progressed; an inverted
"Tower of Babel"; the top of the building is almost completed while at ground level construction will continue eternally. 

819 (180x220x7cm) is an ode to the builders; their bright helmets echo the white dots that Pieter Breugel the Elder used to paint the human figures in his famous painting. The works are installed in the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport. 
(Client: Schiphol Real Estate)
2302 at Galerie Roger Katwijk 

Photographed in the summer of 2015 in and around room 2302 of the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, 2302 was shown at the Wintersalon-exhibiton at Galerie Roger Katwijk,
in Amsterdam in December.
Rhapsody in Ice Blue

PixelPool is a Global Visualization and Interactive 3D agency.
Last autumn, to celebrate the 15th anniversary, we all met in Iceland.
I put the 2000+ photos we took on a scaled timeline, one minute for one day.
Each photographer a key on the piano, playing a Rhapsody in Ice Blue.
Living-In-A-Box (Hyundai, 37 pyong)

In Korea apartments are products, they come in brands and are produced (by Hyundai, Samsung, LG and others) in projects with hundreds to a thousand units in one complex.
One of the striking features of the apartments are the semi-closed balcony-zones along the full width of the facade.
Ongoing photographic study of Korean apartments.

Hong Kong and Cracow in Brussels

"It is my pleasure to promote Dutch art in my conference room. These are two photo-works by the Delft Artist/photographer Willem van den Hoed. He takes photographs of hotel rooms around the world. Not just single shots, the works are razor sharp because they are constructed from large numbers of photographs. Based on a carefully planned composition. Light is used in a typical Dutch way. Could it be a coincidence that he is from the same city as Johannes Vermeer? On the left a room in Hong Kong, on the right one in Cracow. The bright light that enters my room through the large windows create surprising reflections in the photographs which makes them even more expressive and intriguing. Because of my work over the last decades I have been a very, very frequent user of hotel rooms which adds to my enjoyment." (spring 2015)

Frans Timmermans, 1st Vice President of the European Commission

portside, 120x240cm, inkjet on Baryta / Diasec
AREX, Korea
3330, 149x140cm, inkjet on Baryta / Diasec
Lotte Hotel Seoul
509, 100x90cm, inkjet on Baryta / Diasec
Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf
New works
Happy to announce that my work will be shown at Art Fair Tokyo
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