Radio as Threat to Democracy? 

1936:An election official in San Francisco worried that radio violated the purity of an election. His concern: “There's a radio going full blast and broadcasting a political speech within 100 feet of the polling booth.” 

How does technology impact our elections? We explore it in our new podcast episode:

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 Kids These Days Have Lost Their Marbles 
In 1906, an article lamented that modern youth had no time for marbles. They'd become "singularly uninteresting" due to "scientific amusements."
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 De Ja Flu 
Electricity was once new and disruptive—and just like today, industries that felt threatened by innovation tried to stymie its proliferation. We found this 1881 article lamenting anti-electricity 'cabals':

"Exhibitors at the Palais de I'Industrie find everywhere stumbling-blocks thrown in their way. Great companies based on monopolies feel that electricity will break down their power, and are getting up cabals against it."
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 What's a Twttr? 
In 2006, when TechCrunch reported on the launch of Twitter (then Twttr), then-editor Michael Arrington wasn't so sure people would want every tweet to be public...


"There is also a privacy issue with Twttr. Every user has a public page that shows all of their messages. Messages from that person’s extended network are also public. I imagine most users are not going to want to have all of their Twttr messages published on a public website."
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 Take It Off, Walkboy! 
In 1993, the comic strip Foxtrot poked fun at kids these days and their annoying new tech habit...
 The Problems With Modern Women 
An 1875 lament about young women... by an old man:

"The craze for notoriety, excitement, attention, has touched them" 

"The spirit of adventure in these bold, roving, unblushing days,
has certainly been carried to a dangerous point"

"Corrupt & degrade the sex"

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This week in 1997, Apple launched its 'Think Different' campaign.

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