Hello Everyone!

We have made it to D.C. for the Cherry Blossoms! We traveled from North Carolina to northern Virginia last week, and made it to Arlington (just outside DC) on Sunday. We will be viewing the blossoms later this week, and will be sharing the photos on our Facebook page!

Last week when we were in Virginia we got hit by our first bit of SNOW for the entire winter! Ironically, it was just before the first day of spring. We thought we were going to have a snow-free winter, but Mother Nature apparently had other plans for us!

This was ironic also because just two days earlier we were swimming and kayaking in Lake Norman in North Carolina. It was the first time the pups went kayaking, and they did surprisingly well!
Like we mentioned last newsletter, we've hit our 6-month mark of being on the road! Here is a video we've made looking back on the last 6 months. (If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel yetClick here to subscribe!)
6 Months!
We've been working hard to get all caught up with our blogs and videos. While not quite there (still publishing our Florida adventures!), make sure to check out the new blogs, Vlog #30: That Time with the Tornado, and Vlog #31 about Sarasota listed below since the last newsletter.

~ Cait and Tom
For the Readers: New Blogs
Dinner Island WMA - March 18, 2016
An up-close look at Florida's cattle industry
On the Edge of the Everglades - Picayune Strand - March 18, 2016
The largest subdivision in the world being reclaimed by nature

Naples, Florida - March 22, 2016
Honey Badgers at the Naples Zoo!

How to Weather the Weather in an RV - March 23, 2016

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That Time with the Tornado | MOTM VLOG #30
Dinner Island, Picayune Strand, Naples Zoo, and a Tornado

Stuck Truck | MOTM VLOG #31
Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Getting All Ten Wheels Stuck

Bonus Videos:
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