Hello Everyone!

Spring is here, and we find ourselves back in North Carolina on our way north to D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms!

We recently hit two big milestones on our adventure:
1) We've hit our 6-month mark of being on the road - how the time has flown!
2) We've hit 100 subscribers on Youtube! Thank you!

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Since our last newsletter, we have come up the Gulf Coast of Florida, swum with manatees in Crystal River, seen the Forgotten and Emerald Coasts, got $1600 of repairs done on the truck, and zipped across South Carolina and Georgia to North Carolina. Lots of blogs and videos will be coming out in the next week or so to get you all caught up!

We originally planned to be in D.C. a bit later - around the first week in April. But last week the National Park Service moved up their peak bloom estimate for the Cherry Blossoms, so our 3 weeks of travel from Alabama to D.C. was reduced to 1 week! Thank goodness for flexibility!
We have decided to change up our newsletter routine to be a bit more frequent so it's not so much to digest all at one time. Expect to see shorter updates bi-weekly or even weekly now, highlighting some of our favorite moments!
Thanks so much for following our adventure! And please feel free to send us an email if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions - we love hearing from you!

~ Cait and Tom
For the Readers: New Blogs
*NEW* Travel Archive page that lists all the blogs by title in chronological order. Easy to find what you're looking for!

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Lake Okeechobee, Florida - March 13, 2016
Day visit to Florida's largest freshwater lake

Palm City, Florida for the Winter - March 13, 2016
Bella has surgery and we stay with Tom's parents

Boondocking in Florida - March 13, 2016
Three Lakes WMA, Dinner Island WMA, Picayune Strand, River Rise, Mack Landing

Wine, Cheese, and Italian Greyhounds - March 15, 2016
​Three Lakes WMA, Central Florida and meeting a Key West captain
Show Me the Videos!

Bonus Videos:

It's A Windy Day Under the Spanish Moss 

Are We Buying the DJI Phantom 4?

Bridges and Islands - Aerial Views of the Florida Keys

Picayune Strand State Forest Camping Overview 
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