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No. 010. Dec. 2016. By Michelle Bartholomew
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This month I am so excited to feature Suzy Williams from Suzy Quilts. When I first saw Suzy's work, it immediately drew me in with inspired designs and amazing styled photos. Suzy is one of my favorite bloggers and when you read a post, you feel like you're one of her friends, drinking some wine on the porch and having a chat. I had the pleasure of meeting Suzy at Quilt Market and embarassing myself with my carry on luggage (more on that later) and too much gushing on how much I love her work. 

Hi there! I'd love for you to introduce yourself.
My name is Suzy, short for Suzanne and NOT Susan. Not ever Susan...or Susanna. Neither of them are my name. Also, not Stacey. That's not my name.

I'm an ex-graphic designer turned full-time thread collector – primarily on my pants, but also sometimes on my shirts. One hot summer day I was quilting in just a bra and I even collected threads on that.

I design quilts and write patterns and blerg a bit. Scrappy, my Quality Control Director, works closely with me at all times. (to tell you the truth, she's a bit of a micro-manager...always rolling on the quilts and stealing bits of fabric that have fallen to the floor

Describe your quilty style in 3 words or less.
OMG only 3??

What is something interesting thing about you?
hmmm....well normally when I get this question I would say, "I'm a quilter! I know! Can you believe it?? At my age??" 
(I'm 25. 
ok ok you caught me...28. really play hard ball, don't you?

But...since that's not very interesting to this crowd I better think of something else....hmmm...

I'm a closet watercolor painter. I went through a phase when I painted a lot of shoes....if you're nice to me I might even show you some of them.

What Kona color best describes you?
I'm more of a Birch Poplin Solids kinda girl. (See what I did there? Gave you a veeeery clear picture of how high maintenance I am. Perfect description.)

Where do you look for inspiration?

I try very hard not to look for quilt inspiration by looking at quilts. Let me explain. Someone really smart once told me that if you are trying to design a lamp, don't look at other lamps because you will end up regurgitating something that has already been done. Look at architecture, nature, fashion – anything but lamps. So I guess I would say, when looking for quilt inspiration, I look at lamps.

What tips would you give to someone just starting to design quilt patterns?

Use at least 3-5 pattern testers. They will save your life (aka - Find all of your mathy mistakes. Show you where to add different/better illustrations. Re-write unclear instructions. Tell you you're pretty after they rip your pattern to shreds.)

What's your quilting secret weapon?

Adobe Creative Suite. I use Photoshop to edit all of my photos and make Pin-able blog headers. I use Illustrator to design all of my quilts. I use InDesign to layout all of my quilt patterns. Not a day goes buy that I don't use at least one of those programs.

What is your latest and greatest quilting achievement?
Being featured in this newsletter!!! I got to meet Michelle at Quilt Market and it was SUCH a highlight. First off, she was pushing around a roller suitcase, which made her look super BOSS. Upon meeting her I was so impressed! (Michelle, you should not have told me that you came straight from the airport. I thought you were wheel'n and deal'n product from that suitcase!) (editor's note: It was definitely not boss ;-))

Also, Sew Mojo #3 is dropping TODAY (December 8). This is the third installment of a four part mini quilt series, each one with a different creative "lesson."

Question of the month: What is your current favorite thing to watch or listen to while sewing?

I love the podcast Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert and also Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Miller.

Thank you so much! To see more of Suzy's amazing work, check her out at:
Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
What is your current favorite thing to watch or listen to while sewing?

I currently have my Sufjan Steven's Christmas albums on repeat! I'd love to know your favorite! Tweet me @MichelleBartho or post a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #mbquilts
Sew Mama Sew's annual giveaway day is here!

I always love the patterns from Pen + Paper Patterns, and am super excited that her new Garden Snails Quilt (coming Dec. 15th) will also be a slow-along sew along (get it?!) hosted by the incredible Angie from Gnome Angel starting in January.

I absolutely love these stars made by Sharon from Color Girl Quilts. They are inspiring me to pick up my long neglected EPP diamonds.

I've been following Audrey's (Hot Pink Quilts) progress on this quilt for quite awhile and am so excited to see the completed version.

And now I want to paint all of my ceilings

I'm totally swamped with Christmas makes, but I might have to add more to the list. These DIY ornament pillows are incredible.

If you're looking to spice up your quilt photos, here is my quilt photography inspiration board.

Here's an interesting profile on an artist who uses quilting as her medium... "Quilting provides a pursuit with the ability to combine so many of my interests… painting, illustration (or story telling) and textiles in a practical, usable object that was possible to make at home."

#2016bestnine is here! Find out what your top nine Instagram posts were for the year using this simple site. I was surprised at which photos had the most likes!

Sometimes, the simplest reminders can be the most helpful. Love this small list of social media takeaways

Ok, now I need a cat to train to sew things for me.

Andrea Tsang Jackson from 3rd Story Workshop is the genius behind these quilted gem pieces, available as wall hangings or pillows from her Etsy shop.

I love how Andrea uses several tones of color to bring depth and sparkle into each piece. The detail is amazing, I wish I could see one in person. The pop of color in the binding is such an inspired way to frame the gems.
Theme: Winterberry
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
-Albert Camus
Image sources, clockwise from top left:
one | two | three | four | five | six
It doesn't get much better than this overhead shot of Suzy Williams hand quilting her Mayan Mosiac Quilt. 
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