my next show

art! vancouver @ vancouver convention centre

thursday, april 19th, 6pm - 7pm (preview)
friday, april 20, 1PM - 9PM
saturday, april 21, 12PM - 8PM
sunday, april 22, 12PM - 5PM


growing up around woodworkers guided my choice to hand mount photographs onto wood. maintaining the raw look of nature is important to me and honing the technique of affixing and sealing archival prints without glare or barrier is a challenge I enjoy.

my hometown of sechelt bc continues to be a strong influence on my work, as my specialty is the west coast. but my travels give me a broad base to draw from and recent shoots in the mojave desert, the isle of skye and the pyrenees have impacted my palette - examples of those will be a part of my latest exhibit!


the light seemed to dance in the middle of this shot but the subtle difference in colours made this piece quite difficult to hand mount. maintaining the clarity is crucial to appreciating the effect of the light.  


shooting in the prairies gave me a chance to explore a more minimalist vibe. my portfolio of vast spaces, open fields and big sky have increased greatly because of multiple shoots there this past summer.


my catalogue of shots has expanded greatly this past year which has helped me create more custom pieces for clients, businesses and designers. contact me if you'd like to chat about a project, collaboration or custom piece. 
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