Being pregnant is like being on an emotional roller coaster. And just like you might brush up on the safety rules before hopping onto Six Flag's "El Toro,"  it helps to prep before going into labor, too. While you might think that knowing every potential problem would spook you ahead of your delivery date, the truth is that it can keep you feeling confident and safe when giving birth. That being said, you can prep by reading about these  seven uncommon issues that could pop-up during labor

Watching your baby suffer through teething can be difficult, to say the least. You know it's painful, but, realistically there's no way to stop it! Thanks to Itzy Ritzy's teething mitt, you can however,  alleviate the ache. These silicone padded gloves provide relief to sore gums and growing teeth, and keep your tyke from scratching his or her face.  Added perk: the cute pattern and textures are totally Instagram-worthy, for both mama and papa! 

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