Nursing baby with CBD
As a breast-feeding mother, you carefully monitor your food intake . Certain foods and drinks are off-limits (e.g., champagne, sushi, etc.) while others are daily go-to's (e.g., Greek yogurt, legumes etc.) That makes us wonder in which category CBD stands: the recommended or the restricted? With its recent surge in popularity and beneficial health discoveries, CBD could certainly improve the health of a new mother, offering better sleep and better sleep. But is it safe for a nursing baby? Here's what experts are saying.

In recent years, kids ditched Lego and Barbie for PlayStation and Xbox. Unless we make efforts to reintroduce board games, costume parties, and sports to their everyday, video games and social media will dictate their childhood—where's the fun in that? Magna-Tiles is an educational, screen-free game that helps build your child's fine motor skills and math skills, spatial reasoning, and logic. It's the perfect substitute for Mario Kart, wouldn't you say?

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