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In Focus: Granada, Spain
Step back through the centuries as you amble down the whitewashed streets of the heart of Andalusia. The city is a tantalizing mixture of shared histories; the Moors maintained their last Iberian stronghold in the city until 1492, when the Spanish crown finally regained control of the peninsula. Gypsies arrived in southern Spain in the same century, and settled into the caves in the surrounding mountains. Flamenco was born out of this cultural blend, and performances can still be seen in the caves today. The world-famous Moorish palace of the Alhambra towers over the city with snowcapped mountains in the backdrop. Of course, there is also a gorgeous, massive cathedral in the center of town as well. Fiending for some local food? Take a walk with Gayle to see the tasty side of Spain's southern sweet spot.
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A pretty Polaroid to capture all those golden travel moments without glueing your face to a phone screen. Plus, these tiny (and universally flattering) physical photos make a great gift for your new travel buddies or mementos to frame when you're back home and missing your life of adventure.

Travel Trivia

What landscape is not within an hour's drive of Granada?

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