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Organizational Updates
From Executive Director, Jeremy Van Wert
Click here to watch the latest organizational update from VMAPA Executive Director, Jeremy Van Wert. 
Volunteers Needed For Tour

Volunteering with Vanguard is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will you help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young men and women, but you will also enjoy the unique opportunity to become part of the Vanguard family. For almost 50 years, Alumni, parents, family, and friends of Vanguard have donated countless hours to help provide an extraordinary experience for our members. The following are some areas where we could use your help:

SCV owns a six truck fleet which needs monthly maintenance to ensure that the vehicles are in working condition. We are also in need of both CDL and regular licensed drivers during the winter and summer months to drive shuttles, members and equipment in the Bay Area and throughout the country.

In the summer months and at winter camps we serve over 150 members, staff, and volunteers four meals each day on Miss Amana, our fully equipped mobile kitchen. We are always looking for people to come along and help prepare, serve, and clean up. Little to no experience is required*, and you will work alongside a team of other volunteers and our Lead Cook to help keeps the corps running. REQUIREMENT: Any and all persons who is involved in the preparation, storage, or service of food, or handling of food must have an active Food Safety Handler’s Certification. A copy of your certificate must be submitted with your volunteer packet. For online certifications, click here

Do you have skills in sewing and alteration? During winter camps and throughout pre-tour, our uniform crew fits and alters all of the members’ uniforms. Once we start our summer tour additional adjustments and repairs are necessary as well.

Medical personnel are needed on tour to ensure the physical well being of our members while they travel the country. We are always looking for Certified Medical Professionals (Nurses, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers) who may be interested in joining our full time Medical Staff for a week, a few days, or longer!

Throughout the year, SCV hosts a number of events including our annual Birthday Dinner in March and two local drum corps shows right here in the Bay Area. Volunteers are needed to help set up these events, sell tickets, hand out programs, and other duties as assigned.

When random jobs come up around the office, we seek out the help of members, alumni, and other eager volunteers. Common tasks include: cleaning, mailings, data entry, camp registration, etc. If you live in or near Santa Clara, we could use your help!

If you wish to volunteer for auditions, camps or tour please contact Gio Bastante at

Action Item!! Sign Up to Volunteer!!
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to VMAPA for our Year End Give-A-Thon! There’s still plenty of time to pledge your commitment to the future of VMAPA! From now until December 31st, we are running a special Year End Give-A-Thon with a goal of $50,000.
Visit to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of young performers this holiday season!

Hall of Fame Changes


The Hall of Fame Membership has revised the Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection process.  The result has been many changes throughout the entire nomination, selection and voting process.  So many changes, that we will be introducing them over the next several newsletters.

The VMAPA Hall of Fame was established in 2012 to honor the outstanding individuals who have made a substantial, positive impact on the VMAPA organization through their distinguished service, achievements and enduring contributions.


The most significant change is the NEW timeframe for submitting a nomination.  Nominations may be submitted by past and current members of the VMAPA organization beginning January 1st through February 15th.  Besides making your holidays a little less busy, this change puts the entire nomination process into the same year as the induction.  Hopefully, making it easier on those individuals planning to nominate a worthy VMAPA member.  


Previously, there was one category for all nominees.  Commencing with 2022 nominations, there will be two categories:  Contemporary and Legacy.  The Legacy category was created to more effectively acknowledge contributions made by those VMAPA members who have made a significant contribution to the VMAPA organization but have not been actively involved with the organization for at least 15 years.  There will continue to be only one Hall of Fame with the same nomination criteria for both categories.  The Nominator will be responsible for determining the category most appropriate for their nominee.  


Previously, only individuals could be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  However, there have been times when two people worked tirelessly together and the synergy of their combined efforts resulted in a contribution worthy of the highest level of acknowledgement.  Beginning in 2022, couples may be nominated in either category.


To find out all the new changes in the Hall of Fame process and procedures, please visit the website and check out the Guideline and Rules which can be found as follows: > Alumni > Hall of Fame.  At the bottom of the page, you will find links to the following documents:  Application Instructions; Nomination Application; Guidelines and Rules.  Please refer any questions you may have to the Hall of Fame Committee at  

Learn More Here
Red Jacket Recipients Announced
In 2020 Vanguard reintroduced the volunteer red jacket. As the video describes, in the long past volunteers and boosters of Vanguard were able to purchase red jackets, signifying their strong identification with Vanguard. The red jackets are back and in cooperation with the Vanguard Alumni Association, three exceptional volunteers are selected each year to receive honorary red jackets. 

Watch a video about the history of the Red Jacket!

This year the volunteers selected are Linda Garbarino, Cheryl Bland, and Christina Mavroudis.  We will be providing readers with a bio of each of these incredible red jacket recipients in the Vanguard Voice one by one, continuing this week with Christina Mavroudis.

Christina Mavroudis’ story begins in the fall of 1980, trying out for SCV cymbal line. She only ever wanted to be a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard. It was not to be, as Gail handed her a flag citing ‘girls don’t do drum line’. She would move on to march Blue Devils (and Renegades), but her heart would always belong to Vanguard.

 Throughout the next decade, she wrote for Drum Corps News, always highlighting her love for the corps. In 1989, Christina and her daughter attended Parade of Champions and after watching the last “Phantom of the Opera” show, their course was set. In the summer of 1996, Emily joined SCV Cadets, and mom volunteered during small tours (ah, the bell of Alexander Nevsky), assisting wherever the need, traveling overnight after work and housing out-of-towners for the A-Corps. 
  That year, she also took over The Vanguardian, interviewing alumni, staff, and current members, writing and editing the publications each month, taking photos, and working with Dan Day on the original SCV web site.
  When camps started for the 1997 A-corps season, Mama Mav - as she began to be known - could never say ‘no.’ So it was ‘yes’ to around the clock support for any Amana meal prep. ‘Yes’ to uniform fittings or practice flags. And ‘yes’ to members who needed housing. At any given camp weekend, she would house up to seven members in her tiny 2-bedroom/1-bath apartment. As a single mother on a limited income, she never asked nor received a cent for the hundreds of meals she would provide under her care. She would buy groceries for the money-strapped Drum Pad, send care packages to different sections, and work when she could at bingo to help her adopted summer kids. Between1996 to 2000, she corralled her company Sony to donate backpacks and clothing to members. 
  Christina was known not only at SCV but throughout the drum corps community as someone who would lend an ear, provide hugs, helping hands, tins of cookies to cymbal lines and visiting corps, and donate extra change.
 For the last 25 years, her passion for SCV never stopped. She continues to volunteer when she can at Vanguard birthdays and special events. She campaigned for years to have JW Koester and Myron Rosander inducted into the SCV & DCI Halls of Fame. Wrote the definitive history of Vanguard in the History of Drum Corps Vol. 2 encyclopedia and continues to this day to write articles and photograph the corps for and Drum Corps World. In 2018, she nominated and got Vanguard a monetary award, the Leo Jansing Fund, through her company. Outside Vanguard, but within the activity, she volunteered to manage the Individual & Ensemble competition for DCI since 2011, and revamped program and rules in 2020 to accommodate a virtual format.
  While Christina never marched Vanguard, her heart has always bled red & green. She considers receiving the Red Jacket an amazing and humbling honor. 

Brian Schroeder

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Richmond, TX

SCV 2010-2012 Baritone/Euphonium, 2018-2019 Admin Staff

Current Occupation: Music Educator

What is the first random Vanguard memory that comes to mind?

Meeting one of my best friends at the Texas audition camp in 2012

  If you were to have marched in any other section in the corps, what would it be?

Marched in the horn line but I would’ve loved to be on the cymbal line

  When your bus stops at a rest stop or gas station, what are you buying at the store?

Ha ha ha we never got to shop at gas stations…but when we had a Walmart stop, I always stocked up on Oatmeal cream pies.

  Favorite SCV, SCVC, Winterguard, and/or Winter Percussion show?

SCV - 2007, SCVC - 2014

  What is your fondest Vanguard memory?

Playing Clowns for the very first time in the corps hall. Coincidentally, it was the first time I had ever heard Clowns be played live.

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