Hello <<First Name>>,

I hope all is well where you are. I live in Portland, OR, and spring is definitely, well, springing, which has a been a great change of pace.

Below are three updates that I think you’ll be interested to read.

First Update: Our next monthly meeting.

The VAA officers and I have been working with Vanguard to provide regular updates to our alumni community.

As a part of that effort, during our March monthly meeting, Amy Lipshy and Nick Shilling, who are fellow alums that also serve on the VMAPA board of directors, will join us and provide some brief updates on the priorities and progress that Vanguard has made in the past few months from their perspective.

This meeting will be over Zoom on Wednesday, March 29, at 5PM PT. This is next week.

Meeting info is on the events calendar:

Second update. Fundraising help is needed

We’re at 20% of our fundraising goal and could use more hands to get us get to our first $67,000 milestone,

Keep in mind: This fundraiser is raising money for the Alumni Association to help fund the 2024 corps. We are earmarking these funds for Vanguard 2024 food costs and only Vanguard 2024 food costs.

There are two ways to help:

  1. Sign up to fundraise $250 from your friends and family. We need 20+  more alumni to sign up as fundraisers. You can be the difference today.

  2. Make a one-time donation

Third update. Project Manager Needed

The Vanguard Alumni Association, the Vanguard Historical Society, and the Vanguard Hall of Fame committee are working together on a project  to create the next edition of Front and Center, the inaugural campaign we started in 2020.

We’re looking for an alumni volunteer that is either (1) an experienced project manager or (2) an alumni willing to learn under alumni mentorship.

The project is underway and will go through the end of June 2023. The commitment is a few hours per week.

If you or someone you know is interested to help us, please respond to this email and I will connect you to the team.

As always, thank you for all that you do to support Vanguard. Every bit of it truly makes a difference.

There’s no place like Santa Clara,

Erik Brown

President, Vanguard Alumni Association

SCV 2001-2004, SCVWG 2006-2007

PS: Our Alumni Engagement committee is working on a regular alumni newsletter. Keep an eye out for that to arrive in your inbox in the next few weeks

PPS: There is an ongoing project to update the MySCV alumni database and we have alumni volunteers actively reaching out to people over email and phone. Please keep an eye out for any contact. We’re starting with the 60s, 70s, and 80s first.